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A unique Concept

A MOM has designed an evolving baby room suitable for ALL parents!

With Rêves de Libellule, no more back pain, no more toxic substances, no more changing furniture as soon as baby grows up and no more worries about space.



Made in France

Rêves de libellule : The children’s furniture brand 200% Made In France!

Respect for nature and traceability of materials are part of our DNA. We create and manufacture for you totally ecological products and 200% made in France…



Full baby room: scalable baby room, scalable cot suitable also for disabled parents

Rêves de Libellule makes you a tailor-made heightening foot adapted to your need for height under the bed. So baby can be carried in your arms. Being in a wheelchair should not prevent you from fulfilling your role as a parent peacefully and in complete autonomy! You can count on Rêves de Libellule to help you choose baby furniture.





Rêves de Libellule's complete evolving baby room includes various essential elements such as an evolving bed, a transformable changing chest of drawers, for storage module, a safety barrier and other matching accessories.

Unlike the traditional bed, the evolving bed can be adjusted and transformed to adapt to the different stages of growth of the child. It can be modified to go from a cot with bars to a junior bed, and even to other configurations such as a desk or a bench!

Practical and economical, the Rêves de Libellule evolutionary complete baby room grows with the child and adapts to their changing needs over time.

The Rêves de Libellule convertible cot offers many practical and unique features. It can be transformed into a bench, changing table, desk, hut, wardrobe or storage space, adapting to the needs of your child as they grow.

The Rêves de Libellule convertible cot accompanies your child from birth to 7 or 8 years old. It can be used as a raised cot with rungs to keep the infant safe, then converted into a floor bed for older children. Finally, it can be converted into a desk or a bench during the transition from childhood to adolescence!

Yes, the Rêves de Libellule evolving baby room is designed with safety as a priority. It is made from eco-friendly MDF panels without formaldehyde, which is a harmful substance present in many children's furniture. In addition, it meets the strictest French safety standards (NF EN 716-1 and NF EN 716-2 standards) to ensure a safe environment for your baby.

The Rêves de Libellule convertible bed is designed to accompany your child from birth to around 7 or 8 years of age.

Thanks to its high quality construction and the use of durable materials, the Rêves de Libellule convertible bed is designed to stand the test of time. Plus, its versatility and expandability mean it can be used year after year, providing long-term value for you and your child. In short, its lifespan will depend mainly on the use and care given to it!

The dimensions of the complete bedroom with convertible cot are as follows:
- Baby's bed: L 144 cm D 76 cm H 182 cm, provide a 70X140 cm mattress (not supplied)
- Chlid's bed: L 144 cm D 76 cm H 122 cm
- Safety barrier: W 91 cm H 29.5 cm thickness 18 mm
- 2 Storage modules: W 46 cm D 50 cm H 34 cm
- 2 Storage modules: W 46 cm D 50 cm H 58 cm

The complete Rêves de Libellule evolving baby room is made in France from ecological wood from eco-managed forests. The wooden panels of the baby room are made of solid reconstituted wood, which reduces the environmental footprint of the bed.

Yes, the minimalist design of the Rêves de Libellule convertible bed allows you to give free rein to all your decorative desires! Whether you want to create a mixed room, a princess or a pirate room, you can add accessories and decorative elements according to your child's wishes.

The Rêves de Libellule evolving baby room is compact and adapts to all room sizes. It also incorporates plenty of storage, such as a changing table and storage modules, to optimize space and bring together all of baby's belongings.