Fully scalable baby room

Complete Scalable Baby Room

The lit'bellule evolving baby room includes  : 

The raised baby bed (0 to 7 years old) transformable into a bench and into a child's desk then an adult's desk + the changing table + 1 safety barrier (from 18/24 months) + 4 storage modules to keep all your belongings baby within reach  see description ) 
A complete room on only 1.5m2 on the ground! Whether you have a lot or a little space, the complete Lit'bellule room is made for you. 

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Available in 3 colors 
White, Light gray and Taupe.
 3 colors: White, Light gray and Taupe

PAYMENT up to 4x without fees (Or 4 x 536 €)( Delivery in mainland France and Europe )

 10 years warranty

Tax included Delivery within 15 to 21 days for a payment of 1X or 2X free of charge and 45 days for a payment in 3X or 4X free of charge
Payment up to 6x Free of Charge for France and up to 4x Free of Charge in other country

Whether you have a lot or a little space, the complete Lit'bellule room is for you. 
All the elements that make up our baby room are made in France with ecological wood (new generation ecology panel) and a water-based paint finish .    

 A raised baby bed 

from 0 to 18 months , your baby is at arm height. No more back pain to get baby out of bed. 
- from 18 months to 7 years old , the upper part of your baby bed transforms into a child's bed and then into a bench beyond 7 years old. Smart the complete evolutionary baby room! 
Why is the bed upgradable up to 7 years old and not beyond? Quite simply because in the life of a child the passage from the crib or large bed is symbolized by the change of the bed! 
from 18 months , the raised bed foot becomes a desk first for children and then for teenagers / adults with a simple tilting, no need to unscrew! 
You get a new piece of furniture.

Our baby bed is certified  French standards (NF) as well as its unique patented secure closure system. 
- The outline of the bed has only rounding and it is not by chance or just aesthetic. 

- Our baby bed, with its bars in the shape of arcs of a circle, starts at 67 cm and rises constantly to reach 84 cm on the front / rear barriers and 78 cm on the sides. (The standards require for a "classic" crib to be 66 cm high).
Thus a child does not have the possibility of finding support neither with his legs (the leg slides constantly) nor with his arms in view of the great height.

- The door opening / closing system is double action (pull the ring then lift the door and vice versa) to meet the requirements of French Standards and to completely secure the opening / closing action.  This patented system was developed in close collaboration with the FCBA certification body and underwent 8 months of testing before obtaining its own NF standard. 
Only an adult outside the bed can operate the door opening system.

 Storage modules

The storage units adapt to your needs and your space (with a gentle door closing system, no more noise or stuck fingers). The modules of the scalable complete baby room also evolve according to your needs (a child's bedside, storage spaces under the bed, storage spaces under the desk, storage spaces arranged as you want and where you want).

CAUTION Current version: 3 modules with a door, 1 module with a shelf

 A changing table

The changing plan is integrated into a cabinet with its own storage. The changing table moves easily thanks to 2 wheels at the back and 2 plastic feet at the front as well as a handle under the changing table to facilitate sliding. With several storage spaces (soft closing system, no more noise or stuck finger), it even turns into a storage unit when you no longer need to change a lying baby. 

CAUTION Current version : with 1 door

 A security barrier

When the Lit'bellule baby bed goes into a child position (from 36 months) you replace the baby barriers with the child barrier so the scalable baby room Lit'bellule is transformed into a child bedroom

 A real complete bedroom that grows with your child

A desk board to transform the foot of the Lit'bellule into a child and then teenage desk (the desk has two positions to respect the ergonomics of the child throughout his growth and thus allow him to stand naturally upright).

You have all the furniture for the Lit'bellule evolving room from the start to make your boy's or girl's room evolve from year to year when you need it because each child grows at their own pace ...

Discover our Téhany wardrobe !  Practical, ingenious and adapted to your child's growth, it fits perfectly into the Lit'bellule baby room. 
  The different modules allow you to create a small wardrobe.

Also discover the chests of drawers created by Rêves de Libellule , such as the  Chloé baby chest of drawers .

Our furniture is:  

Guaranteed 10 years  

Guaranteed 10 years

made in France (from A to Z) 

Made in France

certified  NF  (French Standards) by the organization FCBA. 

 NF logo

Technical characteristics:

Dimensions of the raised baby bed : L 144cm D 76cm H 182cm / Height under box spring 96cm 
Provide a 70X140cm mattress  (not supplied)  

Dimensions of the
changing table : L 70cm W 45cm Provide a 45X70 changing mat (not supplied) 

Choose your color :

White , Light gray or Taupe
3 colors: White, Light gray and Taupe