Baby modules, convenient storage

Expandable baby storage, convenient module

With our baby storage range, you decide! Your baby storage space is your creation! 
Discover the convenient scalable baby storage module. 

This item cannot be sold alone. You will find it in  our room complete with modules.

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Thanks to our modular and scalable elements:  

 Personalized your 

Dragonfly Dream storage space offers you the possibility of creating your baby storage space  You can position the baby storage set under our raised baby bed to optimize the space of the baby room or arrange them like a dresser next to it. Your baby storage space is your creation! 

 Space is optimized

All our modules find their perfect place under our evolving baby bed and can then be reused 

 Discover an evolving baby world

Dragonfly Dreams has designed a room b Ebe scalable,  while respecting the health of b e b e. All the furniture is made with ecological wood ( CARB 2 and PEFC standards and a water finish (water paint) which allows our furniture to be non-toxic. 

Technical characteristics:

Dimensions: L 44cm  P 55cm  H 58cm