Playing with Baby: what activities to do with a toddler?

Playing with Baby: what activities to do with a toddler?

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Playing with Baby: what activities to do with a toddler?    

From an early age, a child discovers the environment around him. Starting with his parents. But also his body, his bed, his living space (bedroom and other rooms in the house) and the toys you offer him.

It is therefore very important to play with baby from birth. Obviously, it is advisable to adapt the games of awakening according to the age of your toddler.

Discover, in our article, the activities for baby to favor in its first months of existence.


Baby activity for the first weeks of life

During the first weeks of life, a baby's cycle is relatively simplistic. It alternates, indeed, between phases of sleep and wakefulness which are often the occasion to nourish it. However, we must not forget to awaken and entertain him. Obviously, at this age, the interactions are not yet advanced. However, this does not mean that your child is not able to have fun and interact with you and with what you present to him.

So, from birth, you can completely sing lullabies to your little one. This is also a good way to calm him down. In addition, it is a good opportunity to create the first moments of child / parent complicity.

In addition to nursery rhymes, you can also get picture books to read and comment on each illustration.

Finally, take advantage of the moments when you change it to massage it and teach it to become aware of its body by caressing a hand or a foot, for example.


Play with baby for the first few months

Over time, you will realize that baby evolves very quickly. It only takes him a few weeks to wake up more and more to the world around him. Its awakening phases are also longer and you can therefore very quickly play with baby with an awakening game or toy. We think of lint of course, but also of the rattle which is an essential object.

You can also introduce your toddler to the famous game of hide and seek by hiding your face with your hands or with a towel. This activity for babies is very important because it allows them to realize that separation from their parents is temporary.


Manual activities with baby, awakening games and musical awakening

After a few months, it is possible to add a little more advanced games. You can, in fact, start manual activities for babies that allow them to understand different textures and colors. An awakening mat is ideal for this. Also offer him cloth books. 

As soon as he is able to straighten up or even sit up on his own, he will start having fun with the water. You can therefore offer him bath toys to allow him to experiment with this new material (under the supervision of at least one parent, of course).

It is also the right time to offer him musical toys that will help him develop his musical ear. Rattles are perfect for this. But it is also possible to create different elements that it can hit or shake from empty bottles that you will fill with different things according to your convenience.

Some ideas for classic games, but still as effective!

  • The elevator ! Lie on your back and bend your knees to gain stability and strength. Place your hands on your child's chest, then raise it above your head (facing you) and lower it until your noses touch. Attention baby must be more than 4 months old (he must hold his head and his neck well
  • The game of hide and seek. From 2-3 months, you can introduce your baby to the game of "hide and seek": lay him on a small mat on the floor on his back. Move out of his field of vision by calling him gently, then a little louder. If he moves his head to try to see you, call him back and when he turns to congratulate him. This little game will allow him to expand his field of exploration by trying to locate the source of the sound.
  • The cuckoo game, are you there? From 2-3 months, a sheet, a towel, your hands ... Play hide and seek! Baby will gradually become aware of the permanence of the object. He learns that, even out of his sight, people and things still exist. The child thus understands that the separations are temporary.
  • The chair game. Baby is about to take its first steps! To help him gain balance and muscle, the chair game is perfect! Arrange several chairs so that it can go from one to the other easily. Put a toy on the first chair and help it get up to catch it. Let him play with it for a minute, then, under his gaze, place another toy on another chair. Make sure he sees you!

You understand that it is important to entertain a child from birth. Depending on the age, baby activity will not be the same. However, the objective, meanwhile, does not change: to awaken your toddler to the world around him to allow him to understand what awaits him outside. As such, parents serve as much as playmates as guides.