Baby Cries All Night: How can I soothe him?

Baby Cries All Night: How can I soothe him?

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Very frequent at night, the crying of the toddlers can strongly destabilize the parents... Why is baby sobbing? How best to react to calm it down effectively?

Your baby wakes up several times a night crying, you are exhausted... Months go by and your child still doesn't distinguish between day and night.

Why does baby cry at night?

The causes are multiple!

- Hunger : often the cause of babies' crying, and the younger a baby is, the more likely he or she is to be hungry.

- Fear  : "Night terrors" manifest themselves in the baby by crying out. He gets angry and restless. A small night light in the child's room can reassure him and calm his fears.

Nightmares : yes, babies can have nightmares too! Then they wake up screaming. They need to be reassured and comforted.

- Warmth : optimise the temperature in baby's room: neither too hot nor too cold. A temperature of 18°C to 20°C is optimal to ensure a good night's sleep. Remember to invest in a good mattress that won't make baby sweat and that will keep him comfortable throughout the night. Firm mattresses are perfect for supporting baby's spine.

- Dirty diaper : Your baby will probably whine if he feels a little too tight in his clothes or if his diaper is soiled. Conversely, some babies are not at all embarrassed to have a dirty diaper. But if your baby's skin is irritated, chances are he'll cry. Changing your baby's diaper may be enough to calm his crying. Also make sure that the self-adhesive tabs are not too tight and that your baby feels comfortable in his clothes.

- Need to burp : If your baby cries unusually at the beginning of the night, it may mean that he or she is unable to evacuate the air swallowed during the last feed. Take him in your arms and help him burp.

- Difficult digestion : stomach aches often linked to laborious digestion disturb the baby's sleep.

- Teething : When baby is teething, pain can wake him up several times during the night.

- Need a cuddle : Some babies have a great need for cuddling and physical contact to reassure them that they feel good. Some parents fear that their baby will become "fussy" if they carry it too often. During these first weeks after birth, a new-born baby really needs to be reassured physically, so don't hesitate to cuddle and carry him/her; be at him/her side.

Is he crying? Act as soon as possible

Fortunately, the time is long gone when we used to let a toddler scream to get his lungs "done". If from 3 months, and even more so after 6 months, you can allow yourself to defer his answer for a few minutes, it is imperative in the first months to intervene as soon as possible when he calls you with his cries. I'm not going to let the baby cry.


How do you do it?

- Approach the bed very gently... A sudden appearance could frighten him/her!

- Check the room temperature: the room must not be overheated.

- Make sure she/he doesn't have a fever.

- Reassure him, talk to him, sing him a little lullaby... You must reassure him at all costs...

- If the crying persists, take her/him in your arms and rock her/him for a few moments, but put her/him back to bed quickly.

If your baby cries continuously and nothing seems to calm him or her, don't hesitate to contact your paediatrician or doctor. They may be able to diagnose the cause of the crying and advise you.

In any case, establishing bedtime rituals is essential to set the child's life in motion and reassure him or her for the whole night. These rituals allow you to pass on stories, songs, nursery rhymes ... Nothing could be easier with the Lit'bellule bed and the complete evolutionary baby room ;-)