Baby girl room: when and how to fit it?

Are you expecting a baby or do you want to design the perfect nursery? This space is essential for your daughter and the layout of this room requires reflection and questioning. She needs a place where she can play safely and sleep peacefully. To create a pleasant, evolving and risk-free space, follow all our advice!

At first, limit the number of pieces of furniture in the bedroom as much as possible during the first few years. Bulky, they are often of little use.

When to prepare the room?

Buying baby equipment around 5-6 months is perfect.

This is a period that brings some comfort in decision-making: future parents are not in a hurry, they have time to find out and place orders. And you will have plenty of time afterwards to add your decorative touches...

Room decoration small girl

A few months before the arrival of their little princess, parents are thinking about the layout of the room where their baby will sleep, play and grow.

Even if the pink is the star color chosen for a little girl's room; you can give free rein to your desires.

Shining and luminous white to dazzle your little one? A very soft almond green? More toned yellow variations? A few pastel notes? Mouse grey, retro blue and even touches of black? In short, all colors are allowed provided you know how to marry them. Tangy or more fruity decoration, the important thing is to dare...

Dare even bright or fluorescent colors, very trendy, to furnish the play areas of the room.

A comfortable room for you too!

You dream of an adorable nest for your baby, decorated with the greatest care, but don't forget to keep your comfort too, because you will be spending a large part of your time there during the first year: standing, sitting or pacing to rock it, cuddle it, feed it, change it...

The light: You must feel good in it, Day and night. So remember to take care of the lighting, by focusing maximum on natural light for the day and on soft lights for the night. Your baby won't necessarily need complete darkness for the afternoon nap, but pay attention to the orientation of his bed so that he is not overexposed to the sun's rays and install blackout blinds if the light is too strong. On the other hand at night: complete darkness for infants.

While safety and design are essential selection criteria, the ecological dimension must be added, which is all the more important when it comes to the health of toddlers. Choose an eco-responsible brand not only means that the company strives to pollute less and recycle its waste, but also that the materials and products used throughout the production chain do not contain components that are harmful to young children. To get your bearings, choose a brand with the NF Environnement label, which guarantees a manufacturing process that saves energy and contains no hazardous substances. Also check that the mention "water-based paint" or "solvent-free paint" appears.

And above all, check that all the furniture and accessories chosen comply with NF child safety standards.

Choose your baby bed: Bassinet, cot, Crib, Cot...

The centerpiece of the child's room, the cot is chosen with care a few months before the baby arrives. It can be scalable, modular, with an adjustable base... Above all, it must meet your own needs and certain safety standards of course.

If some parents prefer, for the first months of the baby, to have him sleep in a cradle or a bassinet, more proportionate to the size of an infant and easier to move, know that the cot is perfectly suitable for newborns. If you decide to put the baby to sleep for his first weeks in your room, you can therefore install the bed directly next to you.

Paediatricians especially recommend not placing anything in the bed, no pillows, bumpers or duvets. The baby must be lying on his back in a sleeping bag that is his size.

If like many parents, the bars scare you, rest assured, their spacing is standardized and studied to prevent any accident.

Choose a complete room:
The ultra-scalable Litbellule Baby Room

  1. A clever cot! This is the centerpiece of the bedroom, where the newborn will spend his first nights in the arms of Morpheus. Opt for a nice scalable model, which will follow the child over the years, from his first days... and which will adapt to the ergonomics of the parents and the child!
  2. smart storage! For clothes, toys, books and other essential items, we can't overlook clever storage, such as storage modules and a changing table on wheels stored under the bed or next door according to their needs or desires.

Finally, to avoid the risk of allergies and to ensure good hygiene in your child's room, also avoid carpets and rugs. Instead, prefer parquet or any other fully washable covering that you can disinfect. In general, also opt for washable furniture or accessories. These are the keys to a healthy bedroom!

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