Birth kit in my suitcase for the maternity

Birth kit in my suitcase for the maternity

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You've been nursing your little angel in your belly for several months now. The kicks are more intense and the weight of the baby is felt a little more each day. You are patiently waiting for this little happiness to arrive.

You probably already want to pack that suitcase. Clothes for you and your baby, toiletries, papers... what do you need to take to the maternity ward? But when should you pack your maternity suitcase? It's a question that plagues all future parents.

Packing for the maternity ward means travelling light! Your stay at the hospital or clinic lasts on average between three and five days maximum. In other words, a long weekend! So there's no need to arrive at the maternity hospital loaded down like a jackass, especially since your partner and family will be very attentive and will bring you anything you might have forgotten!

Maternity suitcase: the essentials for the birth room

birth kit

For baby :

Depending on your baby's expected weight, as you go through the various ultrasounds, you will opt for "birth" or "one month" size clothes. It's best to go straight for bodysuits and pyjamas for a "one-month-old" baby (he's growing so fast!). And, according to the season, adapt the length of the sleeves: it is useless that they are long in the middle of August! You should also use snaps rather than pretty little ties, as this will make life easier at diaper time. Natural materials, such as cotton, are more than ever recommended.

For Mom :

- 1 nightgown, 2 large t-shirts or 1 loose sweatshirt

- 1 warm vest, a pair of socks

- 1 spray bottle and refreshing wipes

- Music and books to wait for

Maternity suitcase: everything for your stay in the maternity ward

For baby :

- 6 bodysuits

- 6 pyjamas

- 6 bibs

- Slippers and socks

- 2 bras

- 6 nappies

- 2 sleeping bags or angel nests

- 1 small blanket

- 4 towels (bathrobe or towel)

- 1 bath thermometer

- 1 brush or comb

- 1 outfit for the maternity leave

- 1 pacifier (just in case)

The maternity hospital will provide you with baby hygiene products and diapers.

For Mom :

- 4 or 5 tops

- 2 or 3 nightgowns

- 2 or 3 pairs of trousers

- 1 bathrobe

- 1 vest or stole

- 1 pair of tennis shoes or slippers

- Disposable panties (about 20)

- Sanitary pads (very, very absorbent preferably. Bladder weakness protection can do the trick)

- Washcloths (disposable ones are available)

- 2 nursing bras and disposable nursing pads if you are breastfeeding

- 1 bag of dirty laundry

- 1 toiletry kit (soap and shower gel, toothbrush - toothpaste, tissues, deodorant, moisturizer, hairbrush, nipple care, heavy legs care, towels ...)

Also think of : Camera, books, notebook, mobile phone charger... Don't hesitate to slip into your luggage anything that will allow you to distract yourself when your baby is sleeping. Also remember to bring a pen and a small notebook on which you can note down feedings and/or bottles as well as all the questions you wish to ask the nursery assistants.

To complete the file at the maternity hospital :

- Your maternity or medical surveillance booklet

- Your maternity registration file or file number

- An identity document

- Your family record book or early recognition

- Your health insurance card

- Your health insurance card

- Your blood type card

Remember to ask your practitioner during your pregnancy follow-up if you need to bring a copy of your family's health record because some maternity hospitals require that family members be vaccinated against whooping cough.

There you go, you're ready! Now you rest and wait patiently for your little treasure to decide ..