Boy's name : Top 20

Boy's name : Top 20

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Looking for a name for the arrival of a baby boy? Find out which 20 male names will be the most popular in 2021!

What are the most popular male names? In the lead for three consecutive years, we find Gabriel, who is nevertheless in danger of being dethroned by... Louis! If you prefer a more original name for a boy, you should rather turn to Côme, Elias or Bastian.

1/ Gabriel Gabriels are known for their strong sense of friendship. They are able to do the impossible for their friends and are always there for them in case of trouble.
Their feast day is September 29

2/ Raphaël He is a helpful and generous man. He is a person who can be trusted. Raphael is also distinguished by his emotionality and his sensitivity
Their feast day is September 29.

3/ Leo Leo is a curious man with an excellent analytical mind. Thanks to his intellectual abilities, Leo achieves his goals without much effort. He is also a responsible person with good communication skills. Leo is also distinguished by his great sense of family and his devotion to those around him.
Their feast day is November 10

4/ Louis Louis has the ability to reassure his loved ones. Thoughtful, he never makes a decision without weighing the pros and cons. A father hen, he tends to overprotect his children. Under his carefree shell lies a sensitive, generous and gentle person. A man of principles, he does not tolerate betrayal
Their feast day is August 25

5/ Lucas Lucas' good mood is contagious. He can become very talkative when he is happy. Behind his outgoing and carefree air lies a very sensitive person
Their feast day is October 18

6/ Adam charismatic and ambitious person. A born leader, Adam has a natural authority and a great power of persuasion. He also distinguishes himself by his unfailing courage and his fighting spirit. He does not back down from any obstacle to accomplish his projects.
Their feast day is June 17

7/ Arthur A person who appreciates originality. For him, the best things are those that are different from others and have their own charm.
Their feast day is November 15

8/ Jules known for their sense of duty. They never shirk their responsibilities and do everything in their power to keep their word. They are known to be tireless workers. They do not give up easily even when faced with major problems. Thanks to their perseverance, they always manage to overcome the obstacles they encounter. Stubbornly, they sometimes work hard on projects that they are not sure they can complete.
Their feast day is April 12

9/ Hugo He is a determined and self-confident man. He doesn't let any obstacle stand in his way when he has set a goal. With his great intelligence and uncommon analytical mind, he never lets himself be caught off guard. Hugo is also very sensitive and avoids conflictual situations at all costs. He often gives very practical advice and his friends can count on him in all circumstances
Their birthday is April 1

10/ Maël maels are people of strong character. Overflowing with energy, Maels are very active people. They are also distinguished by their dynamism and determination.
Their feast day is May 13

11/ Liam Liam's actions and will are mostly driven by their passion. They are also distinguished by their obstinacy and extroversion.
Their feast day is January 10

12/ Ethan is known for his dynamism, adaptability, courage and ease of communication. He is also known for his ability to listen and his sometimes disconcerting nature.

Their feast day is March 7

13/ Nathan he is a sensitive person who takes everything he is told to heart. He is also a great romantic who knows how to love women. He is attractive and attracts all women, but is only interested in those who show true inner beauty. Nathan is also very dynamic and does not like to lead an idle life. For him, life is too short and he has to make the most of it.
Their feast day is August 24

14/ Paul Paul is demanding, but knows how to show tenderness towards his loved ones. He is shy by nature, but his great sense of diplomacy allows him to keep a low profile. Paul is patient; his philosophy is: "Move slowly but surely". He does not accept failure and is always careful to consider all the options before making decisions. He never misses an opportunity to learn and discover new things. He has a strong sense of family and gives his loved ones the best of everything.
Their feast day is June 29

15/ Tom A leader at heart, he has all the qualities of a leader. His ability to adapt allows him to socialize easily. Optimistic by nature, he always keeps his head high despite the problems he may encounter. Tom is also a creative man
Their feast day is June 28

16/ Gabin They are solitary, aesthetic, orderly and perfectionist. They are also distinguished by their secure, seductive and responsible nature.
Their feast day is February 19

17/ Sasha Charming and spontaneous. Her sense of communication and her analytical skills help her to detect people who are trustworthy. Frank, she does not hesitate to confess the bottom of her thoughts even if it means offending some people. She constantly wants to please and be noticed. She respects her parents and hopes to be treated in the same way when it is her turn to be a mother
Their feast day is April 22

18/ Noah The main characteristics of the Noahs are their undeniable charm, their taste for adventure and their boundless energy. They are complex beings, but they have no trouble finding their place.
Their feast day is November 10

19/ Nolan Gifted in communication, Nolan is distinguished by his sociability, his sympathy and his extroverted nature. He is also known for his sensitivity and his great power of seduction.
Their feast day is December 6

20/ Aaron : he constantly displays an air of confidence, but he is a person of great sensitivity. A realist, he avoids venturing into a mission that he is not sure he can complete. He needs the support of those close to him to gain confidence and to perform. Determined, Aaron doesn't give up easily even when faced with major obstacles, but he takes the time to step back before starting a project to limit the risk of failure. Courageous, he will do anything to finish what he starts. Their feast day is July 1

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