Choosing wallpaper for a child's room?

Choosing wallpaper for a child's room?

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We must admit that children grow up much faster than we think.

Without us realizing it, the newborns are already starting to crawl and those who took their first steps a short time ago will soon be getting ready to start school.

Wallpaper has no shortage of imagination when it comes to decorating the walls of your child's bedroom. Pastel or brightly coloured, quirky or classic, childish or not, this wall covering easily decorates a child's bedroom and succeeds in seducing young and old alike. Healthier and easier to apply than paint in a child's bedroom, more varied in the choice of colours and patterns, and definitely more trendy too, wallpaper has everything to please ..

Why choose wallpaper for a child's bedroom?

Are you still wondering? Opting for a wallpaper in your little one's room is the guarantee of a trendy children's room. It is true that parents may have some reservations about this choice of wall covering. Everyone knows that the tastes of our charming toddlers evolve, which inevitably has an impact on the decorating budget allocated to their room. As children, they often want walls with the effigy of their heroes, then as they get older, their taste in patterns and colours becomes more refined and, above all, more assertive!

But at every age, it's all a matter of reconciliation. The best thing, for him as for you, is to adopt a pastel wallpaper with soft patterns that will last through the ages. Exactly as if it were a question of choosing a painting. The child's room will be relooked at several ages between the birth, the beginning of the nursery school, the passage to the first grade and the arrival at the college. The room will evolve with new small decoration and a wallpaper that will be changed once or twice during childhood.

Soft, light colours in the baby's room

To create a cosy world for your baby, choose wallpaper in soft, light colours. His cocoon must meet certain colour and shape requirements. An infant perceives colours differently from an adult. Respect his need to rest while favouring light colours. Bright colours can damage the baby's vision.
This is why it is essential to choose colours that attract light without dazzling the baby. These colours will awaken the baby's senses without disturbing his rest. For a room facing north, choose wallpaper with blue patterns. It goes perfectly with natural tones while illuminating the space.

A baby's room full of magic

In a little girl's room, be inspired by fairy tales and princess dreams. To brighten up the space in a powdery and romantic style, choose pastel tones. Pearl grey, sugar plum pink and immaculate white, play with soft, light colours. As for patterns, choose pink or green flowers in a springtime spirit or stars or clouds.
For the boys, take a trip of a lifetime approach to decorating by opting for animal motifs on the wallpaper. In warm, bright tones, create an African feel to the room with animals such as giraffes, lions and elephants. For a romantic look, choose soft shades of off-whites, beiges and browns. Soothing, these colours help to awaken baby.

A wallpaper for every space

A child's room has multiple uses: sleeping, playing, working, resting ... You can therefore use different wallpapers to materialize it!

- For the sleeping area: choose pastel colours with delicate patterns or plain wallpaper

- For play or work areas: choose bright colours that will stimulate his mind and imagination.

Promoting safety in the baby's room

For the walls of the baby's roomIf you are looking for a new home, choose a covering and installation that will promote a healthy environment. Use certified products to meet safety standards

In the baby's room, it is essential to promote safety and well-being. On the wall, avoid wallpapers covered with a layer of PVC. Opt for an ecological approach by selecting wallpaper made of natural fibres or recycled paper. For an efficient and ecological installation, select starch and cellulose-based solvent-free adhesives.
In order to maintain the beauty of your wallpaper over time, choose a washable coating. It will resist to the aggressions of everyday life. Clean and healthy, choose a woven vinyl. It can be washed in order to facilitate the maintenance of the room. A washable wallpaper has the particularity to resist to the passage of soapy water without altering.

It is important to keep this in mind when thinking about how to decorate a child's room, especially if you want them to enjoy it over time. The point here is not to opt for less childish or more serious designs but rather to select timeless patterns.