Combined baby bed

Combined baby bed

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The baby room is often the parents' first purchase. It is acquired even before the birth of the baby. It is therefore with seriousness and above all a lot of enthusiasm that you will make your choice.

Your child is constantly growing and the bed must be adapted to his size.

It is therefore one of the pieces of furniture that should be renewed regularly. You are aware of the importance of sleep for your child's development. And you know that good bedding is the first step towards a restful sleep. Equip yourself with good bedding, i.e. an adapted bed and a good mattress requires a certain budget and it's tricky to buy it second hand.

Take a step back ... in the near future, let's imagine the child's 2nd birthday. What bed do you see him in? Don't you think he will be happy to get out of his bed by himself? His crib will no longer be suitable and you will have to buy him a new bed, with storage that he will keep for a few more years
Let's continue, he's 6 years old, you probably want to install a real desk for him, on which he can practice writing his first words. Do you think you'll find the desk matches the wardrobe or the trendy baby colours you already have?
I'll stop here, I think you already see where I'm going with this.

That's why I propose an economical, practical and sustainable solution the evolutionary bed.

The smart purchase of a complete bedroom in one piece of furniture! A concept of combined baby bed with integrated changing table and storage space which allows you to obtain, by simple transformation, a real junior set with a wardrobe and storage furniture and even a desk. In addition, you will win on the delivery costs (yes you will be delivered in one time all your rooms!) and especially on the final price ..

The first stepThe best thing to do when baby is a little older is to remove the bed rail. He will then be able to go to bed and get up on his own like a grown-up.

The second stepThe most interesting by far: as its name suggests, the EVOLUE combination bed. It evolves into a children's room, perfectly adapted to your growing child.

If you are well-informed, you will choose your evolutionary combined baby bed by paying great attention to the furniture qualitySo that it does not move during all the beautiful years that await your baby. Years full of laughter, games, toys thrown in the drawers, books piled up on the shelves, pencils to be erased on the desk top, a growing need for storage ... and simply changing needs

Opt for neutral and mixed colours from the very beginning. It is the decorative touch that you will bring that will make the atmosphere of the room so you will have the impression to change room at each stage of its growth but by keeping the same furniture for a responsible consumption ;-)

Now you can see why it's a smart buy. When you add up the cost of a traditional bedroom with a traditional cot (sleeping up to 2 years), wardrobe and non-convertible chest of drawers, and the cost of the 2nde the difference in investment is remarkable If you are not a handyman, don't worry, everything is designed to easily move from one bed to another.

Let's face it: behind every happy parent, there is a child who sleeps peacefully ;-)