Essential baby equipment upon returning from maternity

Essential baby equipment upon returning from maternity

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5 essential baby equipment upon returning from maternity

When you come home from maternity with your newborn baby in your arms, you can't do without these essential baby equipment! Stroller, bedroom, car seat or even bathtub, here is the list of essential childcare equipment to prepare for the arrival of baby in your life.

While some toys, soft toys, mobiles and other accessories can be left at random as gifts from loved ones, certain baby equipment essential to your daily life must be purchased before birth because they will be useful to you from the very first days. For baby's nights, his trips in the car, his toilet and his first walks in the open air, it is indeed preferable that the parents themselves choose the equipment that best meets their needs and those of the little one. To make sure you don't forget anything and can make the most of your first days with baby, read on!

A stroller

Foldable, all-terrain, combined, with rods ... The stroller is the baby equipment par excellence, difficult to forget. If the choice of the stroller is often the subject of procrastination and represents a significant investment, remember that it will be your best ally to stay with baby on all your getaways without tiring you.

The complete evolving baby room

From his first months, the baby's room is at the heart of his life. Between naps and the night, this is the place where baby will be dressed, cradled, changed ... Preparing the baby's room therefore requires special attention: it must be secure and functional, but also comfortable, peaceful and warm.

However, your child will grow quickly and what was ideal for their needs yesterday will not be suitable tomorrow. For this, it is advisable to equip yourself with a modular baby room that will grow with him. The Lit'bellule scalable complete baby room includes a raised scalable cot that converts into a bench seat and desk, a changing table, a safety gate and 4 storage modules to keep all of baby's belongings close at hand.

The car seat

To take your newborn with you in the car, it is mandatory to be equipped with a baby car seat. For toddlers, we talk about a shell seat or cozy, a small removable cocoon that is placed back to the road for maximum safety. Baby will be comfortably installed to accompany mom and dad during daily trips and family discovery trips!

Baby bath

Baby’s first baths are great emotional moments. For optimal comfort and safety, opt for an ergonomic plastic bathtub or a bathing lounger that will give baby better stability in the water. There are many models: foldable, non-slip, scalable, on feet, to be installed in the bathroom or in the bedroom, at your convenience! You can also equip yourself with a baby recliner.

The baby carrier

If the stroller is an essential childcare product for long outings, the baby carrier is a must-have to hold your little one against you during your short trips. The most natural and comfortable device for carrying baby against you is the baby sling, although its installation requires a certain dexterity and can be a barrier for some parents. If this is your case, don't worry: there are babywearing classes that will help you master this technique quickly.

These few baby items will give you a solid foundation to which you can add future gifts and new finds. All you have to do is enjoy these precious first moments of everyday life with baby, in an environment adapted to your new life!

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