First baby pajamas: how to choose it?

First baby pajamas: how to choose it?

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Choosing the first baby is not a thin business. Between the various forms, materials and models available on the market, it is not always obvious to make a choice. Find in this guide the criteria to be taken into account when choosing pajamas for your little piece of cabbage to ensure comfortable and peaceful nights.

Choose a baby pajamas depending on the season

A baby sleeps on average one 15 hours a dayso it is crucial to choose a pajamas in which it will be comfortable and comfortable. Pyjamas allows babies to keep an ideal temperature throughout their sleep.

How to choose the right baby pajamas

In summer, it allows to evacuate moisture and protect the infant from heat. During the mid-season it will take a warmer pajamas, like a soft velvet pajamas. It is then recommended to opt for a polar pajamas in winter that will keep baby warm.

Pay attention to the matter of pajamas

As baby skin is fragile and delicate, it is necessary to pay attention to the matter of pajamas. First, the synthetic materials to be avoided as much as possible so as not to irritate baby skin. The best is to opt for a pyjama in cotton. Depending on the season, cotton weaving is different. One. cotton jersey will be ideal for mid-season while one cotton more suitable for colder seasons. In the summer, opt for a pajamas in popeline, lighter and suitable for hot seasons.

Which material to choose for baby pajamas

Cotton pyjamas are very soft and especially anallergic. They allow the skin to breathe and offer baby comfort and ease.

Choose the shape of baby pajamas

There are two forms of baby pajamas: the pyjamas says “Y” and pyjamas “pont”. Up to 3 months, the Y pajamas is the most suitable. It closes with pressure buttons on the shoulders, from the bust to the front, along the crotch to the foot, which facilitates the change, the dressing and the undressing of the baby without having to handle it too much. Indeed, during its first months, the neck and maintenance of the baby's head are still very fragile and therefore it is not advisable to manipulate it too much.

What shape to choose for baby pajamas

For a little older kids who can sitting, the bridge pajamas is more suitable. This pajamas also closes with pressure buttons. They are located on the back and on the buttocks which requires more manipulation.

Choose the right size of baby pajamas

The first baby pajamas must be his size to bring him comfort while covering correctly. It should therefore not be too small, too large, too narrow or too wide. It is recommended to take a pajamas that slightly tightens the wrists to prevent the sleeves from covering baby hands. It is very often advisable to take a pajamas with a size above, So, if it’s a little too big, you can always reseal the sleeves until your little tip grows a bit.

Many measuring grids are available on the internet to help you find the right size of clothing for your baby.

Choose a pajamas with or without feet

Preferably, it is recommended to choose a pajamas on foot whatever the season. This is not an obligation however and you can buy a pajamas without feet and add a pair of socks to avoid baby being cold at the feet.

baby pajamas with feet

You can even opt for foot pajamas like grenouillères in order to guarantee protection against the cold and ideal comfort.

Choose a comfortable and durable pajamas

You will have understood, baby pajamas must be soft and comfortable. However, it must also be durable in order to wash it as many times as necessary without taking the risk that it will damage too quickly.

Finally, and this is a significant criterion, one must also take a pajamas who you like. Don’t hesitate to enjoy yourself thanks to the multitude of offers on the market or on the Internet! Be careful, however, to avoid certain models like small-knoted clothes so that baby does not swallow them.

baby pajamas

Now that you found out beautiful soft, comfortable and warm pajamas, it's time to think about baby sleep. As previously said, a newborn sleeps almost 15 hours a day. It is therefore essential to choose one quality bed that accompanies it during its growth. Thanks to the Complete Baby Room ensuring comfort and Security to your infant from birth to age 7!