Getting back into shape after childbirth

Getting back into shape after childbirth

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After giving birth, the body of a young mother has changed, it is inevitably different. The important thing then is to reshape a figure in which you feel good and to recover the energy that will allow you to live this new stage to the full.

When you're a new mother, you generally want to get back into shape as quickly as possible. When is our body ready?

Immediately after giving birth, we tell ourselves that we'll quickly get back to our "before" figure. But the body has its reasons that must be taken into account. It took you nine months to make your baby. Count on the same number of months for everything to return to normal. Even if you lose the pregnancy weight quickly, you will still feel heavy and uncomfortable for several weeks because of the hormone impregnations. These impregnations, which have an effect on the whole body, continue during the breastfeeding period. The best solution: be patient! Thus, there is no question of returning to sport before the return from childbirth and perineal and abdominal reeducation. As for your figure, it's best to wait until the end of breastfeeding to worry about it.

Perineal rehabilitation

Even if you did strengthening exercises throughout your pregnancy and even if you had a C-section, it is absolutely necessary to retrain your pelvic floor muscles before considering resuming sports. Pregnancy and childbirth are hard on the body. Over the course of the weeks, the pelvic floor muscles have become weakened. On average, it takes a minimum of three months to restore the pelvic floor.

A gentle gym to start with

You should not start doing hardcore ab workouts before you return from childbirth, nor should you do so without making sure that you do not need perineal rehabilitation. Don't forget that in the first few weeks after giving birth, the best way to get back into shape is still to rest as much as possible. However, there are some very gentle movements, based on breathing, to regain awareness of your body and begin to gently reshape it.

At the end of the first week, sitting or standing, you can tone your abs by blowing hard as if you were trying to blow out a candle from a distance. For this little exercise to have an effect, you should repeat it at least five or six times in a row, several times during the day.

Another movement that muscles without traumatizing you lie on your back, feet on the ground, legs semi-bent. You put your hands on your abdomen and inhale deeply, trying to feel your belly and lungs inflate. Then, you exhale by tightening the belly, you contract the perineum and the anal region to the maximum and you hold the contraction for a few seconds.

To tone the buttocks and thighs and stretch the spine in the process, lie down with your feet on the floor and your arms at your sides. By inspiring, one inflates the chest and one lets the kidneys raise very slightly. While expiring, one plates the back on the ground while contracting the belly and the buttocks.

Physical activity after childbirth

Depending on the woman and her physical condition, the body recovers more or less quickly from a pregnancy, but most often it is necessary to wait at least two months and the end of perineal rehabilitation before resuming sports activities (light at first). In the case of a caesarean or episiotomy, you will have to wait a little longer. In all cases, ask your gynaecologist for the green light.

When resuming physical activity, choose a calm sport (indoor gymnastics, swimming), and start slowly. Violent" activities, those that require running or jumping, are obviously to be avoided. Start by walking, for example, which is also an opportunity to give your baby some fresh air. You can also do some simple movements at home to tone up the muscles weakened during pregnancy and lose weight in a harmonious and lasting way

Nutrition after childbirth

Résultat de recherche d'images pour To get back into shape after giving birth, there is nothing like a good diet.

You will need: proteins to repair tissues, lipids for energy, carbohydrates for tonus, fibres to improve your transit, and always minerals and trace elements. In short, a healthy diet contains the essential elements that will help you overcome fatigue. And if you don't have time to cook, there's nothing to stop you from eating a balanced diet Your meals should include fruit and vegetables, starchy foods, meat, fish and dairy products every day

As far as weight is concerned, it takes about 6 months to regain your weight, and about a year for your waistline.


Take some time for yourself, even if it's just 15 minutes.

Remember to keep the anti-stretch mark reflex even after giving birth. Creams will not make stretch marks disappear, but they will make them fade. In addition, the simple act of massaging your stomach, thighs and hips will help you to reclaim your body, even if it will take some time to regain its original shape.

Don't forget to moisturize your breasts (except for the nipple area if you are breastfeeding) to avoid sagging tissue.

Be careful, areas of pigmentation (pregnancy mask, brown line on the stomach), which are hormonal in origin, will persist for a few months. Use a sunscreen before exposing yourself to the sun.

Finally, know how to give yourself time to breathe. Take advantage of your baby's sleep to take a nap, accept the help of those around you who will be delighted to nurse. A fit mother is essential for the baby.