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Heating and Sanitizing the Nursery During Winter

Is my baby warm? Is the air he breathes healthy? These are the biggest concerns of parents in the winter period.

Rêves de Libellule gives you advice to help you provide your baby with a favorable environment in his room. Follow our tips!

Choosing the right temperature

The ideal would be to opt for a temperature between 18 and 20 degrees.

Be aware that infants do not benefit from a thermoregulation system mature, that is to say that they are incapable of adapting the temperature of their bodies to that of their environment. It is for this reason that you must at all costs ensure that the room is heated to around 19 degrees. In order to be sure that the air your baby breathes is neither too dry nor too humid, we advise you to opt for a humidifier. The main role of this product is to optimize the percentage of humidity present in the room. A humidifier will have many benefits for your baby's airways, especially when sleeping. These few daily actions will prevent the proliferation of bacteria in your baby's room, allowing him to sleep in the best conditions.

Choose inertia radiators

When it comes to heating, we advise you to choose equipment that diffuses gentle heat. This is the case with inertia radiators, the principle of which is to generate continuous heat that spreads evenly throughout your baby's room. Thermal comfort guaranteed!

Be careful, however, to not place the radiator too close to your baby's bed. In addition to providing your little boy or girl with an environment conducive to sleeping well, inertia heaters are economical. You consume less energy and thus help lower your bills!

Ventilate your baby’s room

In order for your child to breathe healthy air, it is essential to ventilate his room regardless of the season!

In winter, although it is cold, remember to ventilate the room regularly to renew the air and prevent the multiplication of bacteria. Leave the windows open for about 10 minutes every day.

You can also use the CMV technique: Controlled Mechanical Ventilation. This solution is the best to guarantee you a continuous air renewal. The double-flow option allows you to blow in clean air while eliminating the air present in the room.

Opt for non-toxic household products

Because the health of our children is most important,the choice of cleaning products should not be taken lightly. Indeed, it is essential to ensure that cleaning products pose no risk to the health of your babies; bleach, not only aggressive for the environment, but also harmful to health , is to be banned.

Nowadays, several certified organic and ecological products are available for sale. Say goodbye to harmful particles in the air, give your child a 100% healthy environment and do something for the environment!

Other important detail: the scent of the room. Do not give in to the use of synthetic fragrances (candles, incense, etc.) These products prevent the air from circulating and renewing itself properly.

Protect your newborn from dust

Mites, germs and dust must be eliminated in order to clean up your baby's room during the winter.

It couldn't be simpler. Remember to vacuum regularly under the furniture (wardrobe, chest of drawers, etc.), behind the curtains, on the shelves… Also remember to change bed linen quite often.

Don't forget that cuddly toys and activity mats can be a real breeding ground for bacteria. Run them through the washing machine as soon as you get the chance. Thus, your baby will find himself in a clean room with all the necessary conditions to flourish and grow in a healthy space.

By adopting these daily gestures, you promote good sleep for your baby while by preventing the proliferation of bacteria responsible for respiratory problems, for example.

In summer and winter, optimal air quality and an appropriate temperature will contribute to the development of the little ones and to the serenity of the parents .

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