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How to choose a sleeping bag for baby? Our advice

Also called sleeping bag, the sleeping bag is a very practical accessory for infants.

Taking the appearance of a small sleeping bag with suspenders, this item of clothing can be worn after childbirth and for several months. It is an appropriate gift for young parents.

From newborn sleeping bags to models for summer and winter, including large sleeping bags that children can keep until they are 3 years old, this product comes in many forms.

To help you find your way around, this complete guide will present the main characteristics of sleeping bags, their advantages and the various selection criteria to be taken into account. to find the model that will precisely meet your child's needs.

The strengths of the sleeping bag

A birth sleeping bag is an excellent idea to keep your newborn baby warm during his first nights and until around the age of 3. This item has been specifically designed to maintain an ideal body temperature for the child while avoiding the risk of suffocation with a blanket or duvet.

A birth sleeping bag is similar to a sleeping bag held at shoulder level with straps with buttons or closed with a zip placed in the middle or on the side.

The main advantage of these accessories is that it is possible to choose them according to the outside temperature to allow a baby to have a good night's sleep. When the temperatures start to rise, it becomes very interesting to dress your child with a summer sleeping bag. A light sleeping bag will allow him to spend peaceful nights in complete safety, without being too cold or too hot. It will also be able to move freely without being hindered in its movements. With a mixed or multi-season newborn sleeping bag, you can continue to choose this type of accessory even if the temperatures drop. A padded sleeping bag is a guarantee of safety and comfort that should not be overlooked. It can be used throughout the year so that the child continues to feel comfortable night after night in his bed.

Sleeping bag models available

With the diversity of existing models,
it is not always easy for parents to choose the right type of sleeping bag for a baby.

There are three major versions of this item:

  1. the sleeveless sleeping bag, the most common. It can be used from the first heat and during the weeks following childbirth. A summer birth sleeping bag adapts perfectly to the build of an infant with its clip-on straps. If the nights are cooler, it is imperative to turn to thicker and therefore warmer items such as winter newborn sleeping bags.
  2. the one with long sleeves, which has more coverage.
  3. the nomadic sleeping bag, To transport your child from his car seat to his stroller

Depending on the use you want to make of it, you will be able to find the most suitable sleeping bag for your baby.

When your baby is old enough to go to the crèche, a sleeping bag with a central zip closure is the most recommended.

At the level of sizes, you can also find a wide selection of products depending on your baby's age:

  1. A newborn sleeping bag from 0 to 3 months will be between 55 and 60 cm, while a model for children
  2. from 3 to 6 months will be between 62 and 70 cm,
  3. you can also find a sleeping bag for children from 6 to 12 months (72 to 75 cm),
  4. from 12 to 24 months (82 to 100 cm),
  5. from 24 to 36 months (110 cm) to accompany the growth of a toddler.

The choice of material for a baby sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are made of different materials:

  1. summer sleeping bag, cotton is a good choice because this material is naturally breathable. A lightweight polyester model is also suitable for this purpose.
  2. For superior quality, the padded velor is very interesting. This soft material is suitable for any time of year.

The items without wadding and made in an eco-responsible way are a plus for your baby's well-being. To make the right choice of sleeping bag, the manufacturers indicate on each model its heat index or TOG. This statement is very useful in order to know if a sleeping bag will keep the child very warm or on the contrary cover it in a lighter way. A high warmth rating means the sleeping bag is designed to keep baby warm. With a lower index, you will have a model to favor during the summer season.

Depending on the temperature in a room, you can select the model of sleeping bag with the right TOG. If the ambient air is between 22 and 25°C, a heat index of 0.5 will be appropriate. A TOG of 1 is recommended for a temperature ranging between 18 and 21°C, of 2 between 15 and 17°C and of 3 only for temperatures below 15°C in a room.

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