How to set up a baby room in a small space?

Your pregnancy is coming to an end and you are impatient to welcome your baby but you are apprehensive about the layout of his room due to lack of space?

Inextensible apartment, not spacious room… There is always a solution! Follow Rêves de Libellule's advice to successfully create a comfortable baby room in a small space.

Opt for the full Cot Room Litbellule

Specially designed for small spaces, our complete evolving baby room is very clever.

It brings together the cot, the storage units and the changing table while being very compact. Indeed, this room fits perfectly in a surface area of 1.5 m2 on the floor.

The storage units and the changing table are all under the bed raised baby.

Say goodbye to back pain by investing in this solution that is both ultra-functional and stylish!

Also know that our complete evolving baby room has been designed to accompany your child from his first months until adolescence. Indeed, the convertible baby bed can be transformed at your leisure at each stage of the child's life. Comfortable for baby, the bed accompanies him from birth for an invitation to daydream. Guaranteed comfort for many years…

Small space: Prefer the dresser to the wardrobe in the baby room

If your baby room is small, avoid installing wardrobes.

These are too bulky and may darken your room. Instead, choose a chest of drawers or a small wardrobe designed to accompany your baby as they grow (like our baby Téhany's scalable wardrobe) .

Just as practical as a wardrobe, the baby chest of drawers will allow you to store a large number of items in a smaller space. Clothes, toys or bed linen, this small piece of furniture will adapt perfectly to your needs.

To save space, you can also select accessories such as the cuddly toy storage to hang on the bars of the bed.

Opt for wall storage

To complete and optimize storage space, you can dress the walls of your room with shelves so as not to clutter up the floor space. Wall recess, particular angle, take advantage of every space. The shelves will be very useful for you to store a few toys
and decorative knick-knacks. And here is a beautiful and functional space for the pleasure of parents!

Removable solutions to isolate the baby corner in the parents' room

If your child sleeps next to you, we advise you to separate the corners of the room. In order to preserve everyone's privacy, you can, for example, install curtains, screens, or Japanese panels with discreet light structures. Looking for an even more subtle separation? Opt for visual solutions such as paint or stickers. Indeed, painting the baby corner in a different color than the rest of the room will give the illusion of having a larger room. You can even install light garlands suspended between the two corners to bring a playful side to the room while ensuring the calming effect. By choosing smart furniture, both parents and babies will be able to find happiness in their cocoon of love. .

Baby room shared with siblings

If you cannot provide separate bedrooms for your children, know that it is quite possible to arrange a single room for 2.

Our complete evolving baby room Lit'bellule associated with the Dream teenage bed is the perfect example.

Delimiting the spaces so that everyone can feel at home him, that is the goal. Why not opt for a curtain or a screen, a thin separation that still ensures proximity and ideal cohabitation!

Place to the decoration of your baby room!

To decorate the walls of the baby room, we advise you to choose light or pastel shades. Give your little loulou a serene and cozy atmosphere for dreamy nights.

As for furniture, we recommend white, beige or light gray mixed with wood to avoid the monochromatic look.

Light colors bring both an impression of grandeur to the room but also a relaxing side. You can thus guarantee your child a better night's sleep.

If you like simplicity, we invite you to discover our white baby room and for more decorative advice, visit our page decorating the baby's room.

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