How to make a dream catcher?

How to make a dream catcher?

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This woven object, originating from India, has become a way of life and exists in several variants, all as beautiful as each other. Initially, the dream catcher is a mystical object whose purpose is to ward off evil spirits and thoughts during sleep. It is made of natural materials that form a circle at the base and suspended feathers. The circle is woven from a spider web thread and a stone in the middle, whose purpose is to catch bad dreams. The good dreams are allowed to seep in and then go to the feathers that will keep only the good dreams in the room. Traditionally, it is hung where the sun rises so that the daylight can erase the bad images.

a dream catcher

DIY, make your own dream catcher!

The traditional "dreamcatcher" is mainly composed of a hoop in which a willow weaving represents the spider's web.

A large pearl can be inserted in its center to symbolize the spider in its web, the beads threaded during weaving materialize the morning dew on the canvas (see at the end of the article "The origins and meaning of the dream catcher")

Then we let some tapes of different materials, ropes, beads, jewels, feathers that bring softness and lightness.

a dream catcher

The dream catcher hoop :

If originally, the circles composing the dream catcher were made of wood (very often willow), it is more common and easy to get metal circles that will be covered with ribbon, rope or wool, or bamboo, we can also use embroidery circles or circles for lampshade. There are also variations of the heart-shaped circle.

The dream catcher's thread :

It can be made of wool, cotton, we use mainly embroidery thread; leather, suede, or metal for something more rigid, or even rope or paper cord

The dream catcher's ribbon :

In satin, silk, fabric, lace, organza, spaghetti, fancy, velvet, braid, we find all widths, all colors, plain or patterned, and even adhesive tape. They allow to realize very different models of dream catcher according to the chosen ribbon.

The feathers of the dream catcher :

Synthetics in the trade in all colours or natural also in the forest, in the park, at the beach.

The pearls of the dream catcher :

The choice of beads is infinite, round, oval, triangle, wood, glass, ceramic, mother of pearl etc... You can find them on the internet, in shops, on markets. To make a dream-catcher more authentic, you can get accessories in nature, the forest (wood, feathers) or the beach (shells, driftwood for example) but also by recovering old jewelry from our entourage ... We can then imagine that good energy will animate the dream-catcher.

An activity full of sweetness, ideal to do with children and which can make a pretty decoration in their rooms. The Dreamcatcher can also be an original and poetic gift idea for the birth of a baby!

Behind every dreamcatcher, there is often a big nightmare that had to be overcome! Legend has it that bad dreams disappear at first light.