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How to relieve your pregnant back pain?

Avoid back pain during pregnancy Your back has been hurting you since you became pregnant and we understand you.

Fortunately, there are many ways to ease the pain! Here are the right ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy.

Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy


Sitting or lying on your back is the best way to rest your spine.

Correct your arch

Adopt good posture from the start of pregnancy. Stand upright with your pelvis tilted (backwards). That is, the pelvis is tilted slightly backward.

Make sure you don't become listless when sitting

Always arch your back into the most comfortable position. You can also try sitting on a soft something or a buoy.

Support your belly with a pillow

When you sleep on your side, place a pillow under your belly.

A good massage!

Lower back massage often helps relieve muscle pain and fatigue.

Rest more!

Your back will no longer need to support your stomach! Get enough sleep at night and, if possible, take a nap to relieve back pain during pregnancy.

A nice hot bath!

A nice hot bath, a hot water bottle or a jet of hot water can help relieve the pain.

Once baby arrives the complete baby room Lit'bellule will take care of your back and you will only have to take full advantage of your little one!

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