Long live childbirth !

Long live childbirth !

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This doctor has an incredible method to alleviate the pain of contractions in pregnant women

He makes them dance !  

Look ->         Dance to prepare for childbirth

Fernando Guedes Da Cunha is an obstetrician practicing in Brazil. And he adopted a funny and effective method to relieve his patients from the pain of contractions. When the work of pregnant women begins, causing the famous and dreaded contractions, he puts on the music and begins a little choreography.

It seems to work since the patients seem very relaxed, as you can see in the video at the top of the article. Some even gave birth within minutes of recording these videos.
The Brazilian doctor is a fervent defender of a "humanized birth" and seeks above all to put his patients in the most favorable conditions possible so that the birth takes place without a hitch.

According to researchers, a few dance steps during dilation of the cervix would decrease the pain of contractions. In any case, it costs nothing to try.

We LOVE the concept !!!