Maison d'assistants maternels (MAM): what is it?

Maison d'assistants maternels (MAM): what is it?

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MAMs are more popular than ever with parents. But how does a childminder's home work? What are the advantages for children and parents ? Focus on this method of childcare.

What is it about?

A Maison d'assistantes maternelles is a structure that brings together several childminders who practice their profession together. As an alternative to the crèche and the nannies, the Maisons d'assistantes maternelles were created by the law of 9 June 2010.

Today, MAMs make it easier for childminders to practice their profession. The professionals thus benefit from a space other than their home to look after the children. They can also enjoy the benefits of teamwork.

Conditions and rules in MAM

In a childminder's home, each childminder works directly for the parents who have recruited her. Depending on her accreditation, a childminder can look after up to 4 children.

A childminder in a MAM must have specific approval from the president of the departmental council

Within the MAM, mutual aid is the order of the day. If a colleague is absent, the assistants can look after another child, if an authorisation to delegate care is signed

Whatever the legal status of the MAM, it is indeed the parents who pay the childminders. The rates vary according to the number of hours per child. The parents continue to receive their CAF benefits, even if the childminder works in a MAM.

For the parents, whether the child is hosted in a MAM or at home, the conditions of payment and paid leave are the same.

The advantages of MAMs

What are the advantages of placing my child in a MAM?

More dynamic

First of all, MAMs are appreciated for their dynamism.

Just like in the nursery, the children can exchange and play together. Surrounded by numerous toys and facilities, the little ones can play and discover the world. The little explorers learn about life in society, live and grow together.

Also, many childminders explain that they prefer MAMs because they allow them to help each other and work together. Alone in her home, the childminder is more likely to suffer from loneliness. She also has to make a distinction between her professional and personal life. These difficulties encountered by the home-based childminder have consequences for the quality of their work. And baby can feel this stress... It is to prevent these risks that the MAM were created.

In a MAM, as the childminders are together, they encourage each other and organise themselves to always offer new activities to the children. This dynamism is felt by the children. More fulfilled at work, they can only provide a better environment for the children to grow up in.

Certified professionals & individualized follow-up

Supervised by certified childminders, the little ones have everything they need to grow up in a safe environment.

Unlike the crèche, you will have carefully chosen your child's childminder and can discuss the hours and rates with her, for a personalized follow-up.

It is also an opportunity to exchange tips and tricks, especially on decorating your baby's room with childminders so that you can make the best choices for your child.

The MAM therefore combines the advantages of the crèche, by bringing the children together and allowing them to play and grow together, with the advantages of a personalised follow-up as with a childminder. For all these reasons, more and more parents are opting for MAMs.

How to choose my MAM?

Are you interested in the Maisons d'Assistantes Maternelles?

To choose a MAM near you, go to :

  • your town hall,
  • the Maternal and Infant Protection Service (PMI)
  • or in a Relais d'Assistantes Maternelles (RAM)

This way, you will know about all the MAMs near your home or workplace, and you can choose the ones that suit you.

On social networks, you will find MAM accounts sharing their news, and presenting the different services they offer. As a parent, you will have a first view of how MAMs work.

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