Meat in baby food: age, quantity, cooking

Meat in baby food: age, quantity, cooking

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Meat in baby food

During his first months, baby drinks only his bottle of milk. Then come the cereals. Before you start, a few months later, food diversification.

In fact, from around the 4th month, you start to introduce new things into your diet. Fish, mashed vegetables or even a steamed vegetable at the same time. You should not want to put too much at the same time. One food per food is more than enough.

However, there will come a time when your child will need iron and protein. In this case, it's time to introduce baby meat into his diet.


Baby meat: from what age ?

Above all, we can only recommend that you follow the advice of your pediatrician who will tell you the right time to offer a small portion of baby meat. Especially since every little one is different. So there is no point in doing like your friends, relatives like you.

However, as a general rule, parents who wonder at what age babies eat meat, specialists say that babies start to be fed between the 4th and 6th month. Indeed, your toddler's body begins to digest non-liquid foods better.

In any case, start with fruits and vegetables and wait at least 1 month before introducing meat into your meal. The goal is to go smoothly.


How much meat can we give to baby ?

Again, ask your pediatrician. However, it is estimated that a 6 month old baby needs 10g of meat a day. This amount of meat for a 6 month old baby can be replaced by 10g of fish or 1/4 of cooked egg yolk.

From 8 months, it is possible to increase to 15g of meat or fish or half a cooked egg.

Between 9 and 12 months, we can offer him 20g of meat. Be careful to mix it well. That being said, it is also during this period that we can start showing baby the chopped texture.

The amount of meat for a 12-month-old baby changes as we go to 25g of meat. If he begins to have teeth, it is possible to provide him with small pieces.

After 2 years, we go to 30g of daily meat to reach, over time, a target of 50g of daily meat.


What cooking for baby meat ?

For a toddler, steaming is highly recommended. Avoid adding salt and fat. And check that the meat is well cooked as a whole (cooked to heart).


What baby meat ?

At the start of food diversification, white meat is recommended. You can also offer him white ham or turkey ham without rind.

Regarding red meat for babies, it is also possible to offer it in small quantities. Provided you follow the same recommendations as for adults. No more than 3 servings per week.

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