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Nervous baby: Our tips to calm him down

You are worried because your baby is very nervous. He sleeps very little, often refuses to eat and spends most of his time screaming. How to calm a very nervous baby?

My baby cries all the time, is that normal?

Like many moms, as soon as baby is not quiet, concern rises. Especially when he cries constantly, does not eat well and sleeps peacefully at night.

How do you calm a nervous baby?

If miracle advice existed, all struggling moms would know about it and everyone would be talking about it.

The important thing to remember is that most of the time, this period does not forever define your child's temperament or character for the rest of his or her life. A hypertonic, very reactive or even short sleeper baby will not necessarily be a difficult child or adolescent. Above all, it is important to know if your child is developing correctly by consulting your pediatrician beforehand. Sometimes an unusual behavior of the child can be indicative of a neurological or other pathology. A pediatric examination of your baby's height, weight and psychomotor development will eliminate this hypothesis enough if it turns out to be strictly normal. However, if the difficulties were to persist, the health professional who could be most useful to you is a child psychiatrist, because the time he will devote in consultation to the family dynamics, the child's environment and lots of things that do not come to mind spontaneously, often makes it possible to reduce or even put an end to these symptoms. Like adults, children experience a lot of emotions and can sometimes feel unwell. The role of the child psychiatrist is then to analyze the problem and discover the nature of his concern. In addition, he can also support you psychologically, listen to you, and give you advice to reassure you.

Some tips that can help you every day at bedtime

  1. Prefer quiet games in the evening
  2. no television or music
  3. a separate bedroom if possible
  4. no excessive sleeping ritual (no more than 30 minutes)
  5. You can let baby cry a little, gradually (a few more minutes each day).

The goal: to allow him to see that he is still heard and that 'we bring him comfort but not instantly, so that he stimulates his self-soothing abilities and can create his own time and space.

When to consult when baby is crying all the time?

As soon as you are worried. Do not hesitate if you need to be reassured.

Remember that there are clear signs:

  1. If your baby cries constantly and is restless, take his temperature.
  2. If he has a fever, take him to the doctor.
  3. Similarly, if you notice that Baby's stools have changed! Diarrhea or constipation can cause a severe stomach ache, and would explain the cries and restlessness of the child.

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