Prepare baby's room in cold weather

Prepare baby's room in cold weather

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Prepare baby's room in cold weather

In winter, you double your vigilance to protect Baby from the cold. And not just on the go. In his room too, make sure he doesn't catch a cold or that, on the contrary, he is in an overheated room.

How to dress baby at night?

This is the question we all ask ourselves! And when the time comes when it is either too hot or too cold in your room, you are always afraid of covering your baby too much, or not enough. So do you have the answer to “How to dress baby at night?”

To prepare your bed

Its preparation does not vary according to the seasons. The bed remains the same, taking into account the precautions to be taken to avoid the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Namely: a sleeping bag, no pillow, a fairly firm mattress and the comforters at the foot of the bed.

Imperatives: Never smoke in Baby's room and ventilate their room well during the day, as soon as you have the opportunity.

What is the ideal temperature for the nursery?

The ideal temperature for the baby's room should be between 18 ° C and 20 ° C. It seems little to you ... I know, me too! Baby actually adjusts much better in a cool room, while being well covered, rather than a slightly warmer room.

To check the temperature a small thermometer will do the trick (provided you remember to check it before bedtime baby). Be aware that some baby monitors are equipped with a thermometer with alert if the temperature is too low or too low. Very practical!

How can you be sure your baby is okay?

There should be no doubt! So the best thing is to go check that baby is sleeping well and that he is neither too hot nor too cold with the clothes he is wearing. To do this :

We check the baby's belly: it is hot, everything is fine.

Her small feet: They are normally slightly cooler than her small belly.

Attention, your baby can also be a little chilly or tends to quickly warm up, or even has a fever, so we adapt baby clothes!

Good night babies!

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