Weaning from breastfeeding: how to do it ?

Weaning from breastfeeding: how to do it ?

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Weaning from breastfeeding: how to do it?

Will you be going back to work soon and thinking of weaning your baby? To be successful, this important step in the mother / child relationship must be well prepared. Weaning from breastfeeding can be difficult for both the newborn and the mother. Our advice for a smooth transition.

What is weaning from breastfeeding?

Withdrawal is when you stop breastfeeding. It is said to be induced if it results from the mother's choice, most often in the context of returning to work. It is said to be natural if it is the toddler who, by himself, turns away from feeding. Withdrawal from breast milk can take place at very different ages, there are no rules. When babies are only a few weeks old, their main aim is to replace them with infant milk. When the child is several months old, it becomes part of the process of gradually introducing food. There are many reasons for the decision to stop breastfeeding. In any case, it is important to prepare this transition well so that it goes smoothly. The winning trike for successful weaning? Know how to listen to your body,

Sweetness for baby weaning

Weaning from breastfeeding is anticipated. So that mom and baby live this moment serenely, it is better to go there step by step. Unless there are special circumstances, sudden termination must be avoided. In fact, your child will not understand and risk rejecting the bottle. Is the transition from breast to bottle linked to the resumption of your professional activity? So, a few weeks before the end of maternity leave, start by suppressing one feeding, then the second. Prefer that of mid-morning and afternoon. Indeed, morning and evening feedings are the most nutritious. In addition, you are generally more available for a moment of symbiosis face to face. Gradually reducing the rate of breastfeeding helps prevent the risk of breast engorgement. Is this the case anyway? If you can,

To wean babies gently, it is essential to explain to them why you stop breastfeeding, regardless of their age. He needs to be reassured and to be cuddled. Just because you're no longer breastfeeding doesn't mean you should take your baby less. The transition will be easier if you continue to give it moments of fusion.

Weaning from breastfeeding difficult? Some tips

Does your child not want a bottle? He is crying, constantly looking for your breast and you feel guilty? He does not understand this separation and is simply not ready. Be patient and make things fun. Offer the bottle several times a day, always soothed. To successfully quit breastfeeding, be creative (and cunning):

• gel your milk with a little agar-agar and give it to the teaspoon: a good way to divert it from your breast;

• dip the tip of the pacifier in breast milk and present it to your baby so that he can tame this new object;

• Place a DAL (lactation aid device) connected to a bottle against your finger: baby will suck your finger while sucking milk.


There are many solutions to overcome the difficulties associated with weaning from breastfeeding. Are you at an impasse? A lactation consultant can help you take this step.


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