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Choosing baby’s winter clothes: checklist and tips

Choosing baby clothes for winter can be a headache for new parents, and we understand that. Baby must not be too cold or too hot, he must be well wrapped but able to move easily, and care must be taken to avoid sudden temperature variations between the outside and the inside.

To meet all these criteria, you have the choice between staying at home until spring, or taking advantage of the wonders of winter by following the few clothing precautions we are talking about in this article!

Baby Winter Clothing Checklist

Before going into the details, here is a checklist of the essential pieces that we recommend you have in your baby's wardrobe this winter:

  1. a long-sleeved bodysuit
  2. a jumper or cardigan
  3. mittens
  4. a hat or a balaclava
  5. a pilot overall
  6. chunky socks or furry boots
  7. tights
  8. good pajamas hot

Dress baby to go outside in winter

The cold shouldn't stop you from taking your baby outside to explore snow-covered streets and paths or Christmas decorations!

For a successful winter outing with baby, start by putting on a close-fitting long-sleeved cotton bodysuit to protect their fragile skin from the cold. On top, opt for several layers of clothing, for example a bra, a very soft sweater or a cardigan, rather than a single large sweater. This practical trick will allow you to easily adapt baby's outfit to variations in temperature so that he is never too hot or too cold.

If it is very cold in your area, put baby in tights under his pants.

As a coat, the essential pilot suit is in order! Opt for wool models, which are warm, breathable and comfortable for baby. There are also waterproof and fleece-lined models, depending on the climate in your area. You will even find one with an integrated hood!

The hood, moreover, or the hat, are among the essentials for dressing baby in winter. At his age, babies do not regulate their temperature like an adult, andtheir extremities are the most vulnerable to cooling, especially in children under 3 months whose body gets cold from the top of the head. She must be covered, as well as her hands which will be warm in a pair of mittens, and her little feet which you can wrap in socks provided for this purpose or a pair of soft lined boots.

Winter clothes to stay at home

To keep baby warm at home in winter, no question of turning up the heating!

Toddlers are much more sensitive than us to temperature and air quality. It is therefore strongly advised to keep the bedroom at around 18°C, and the rest of the house between 19 and 22°C. The key to keeping them warm at home is to dress them warmly, especially at night when their body temperature drops.

To sleep in the winter, babies will be perfectly comfortable in very warm pyjamas, in velor or fleece, put on over the usual little bodysuit. If he is not old enough to sleep with a blanket, opt for a pajama top or a romper, making sure that it fits him properly. During the day, baby will adapt to his faithful long-sleeved bodysuit covered with a sweater for the top, and tights under his pants for the bottom.

In summary, here is what to remember when choosing baby clothes this winter:

  1. Choose multiple layers that will be easy to remove one by one if necessary.
  2. Dress baby so that he is protected from the cold but can still move freely.
  3. At home, look for warmth in clothes rather than in the heating.

But above all, stay tuned to your little one !

Although he can't speak, baby will let you know soon enough that he is not at ease.

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