Téhany baby wardrobe

Are you looking for a wardrobe?
êves de Libellule 
designed a modular wardrobe to hang baby's clothes and clothes. 

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Thanks to its modularity, the Téhany wardrobe supports your child's growth since it adapts to its size and thus helps it to acquire its autonomy. 

1 module but several wardrobes! 

Position 1 : on the ground, from their first months on, your child can do like the grown-ups and take their own business! 
Position 2 : on a low module of the 
Lit'bellule baby room , the wardrobe takes a little height and adapts to the size of your child 
Position 3 : on a high module, the Téhany wardrobe takes even more height and s to your teenager 
Position 4 : one module below + one module above or 2 modules below or 2 modules above ... give free rein to your desires and needs

A wardrobe for babies and children 100% scalable

When baby grew up, the wardrobe changes with the growth of the child

Save space and storage

Our wardrobe is designed to fit perfectly under our raised baby bed. Clothes, shoes, toys ... you can easily store your cherub's small belongings there. 

Discover an evolving and healthy baby world.

Rêves de Libellule has designed a room complete scalable while respecting the health of babyOur wardrobe is designed with a new generation wood "ecology" like all the furniture of Rêves de Libellule which use a healthy material 

Our furniture is :  

Guaranteed 10 years  

Guaranteed 10 years

Made in France  (from A to Z) 

Made in France

Certified NF (French Standards) by the organization FCBA

 NF logo

Technical characteristics :

Dimensions: L 55cm  P 55cm  H 97cm


Origine de Fabrication : France

Matières et finitions

Matières : Panneau MDF écologique sans formaldéhyde ajouté

Finition : Peinture à l’eau

Teinte / coloris: Blanc, Gris clair ou Taupe


Garantie : 10 ans

Certification : Normes NF EN 716-1 et NF EN 716-2