What are our different delivery methods?

In order for you to be delivered in the best conditions and times, we have chosen our transport provider for its experience and seriousness.

Delivery without assembly, by appointment, by a specialized furniture transporter, in the desired room

  • Delivered by appointment
  • Delivery will be made by a specialized furniture transporter
  • Delivery will be made to the room of your choice

Delivery with assembly of the complete room, by appointment, by a specialized furniture transporter, in the desired room 

  • Delivered by appointment
  • Delivery will be made by a specialized furniture transporter.
  • Delivery will be made to the room of your choice.
  • The deliverers ensure the unpacking of the boxes, the assembly of the furniture, the installation in the place of your choice and the recovery of the packaging.

Delivery time and costs: Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica)

Price Shipping

Delivery time and costs: Europe

Price Shipping

For bulky furniture

If it is proven that the reason for return comes from an error on our part, the carrier or the manufacturer, we can recover the furniture in question at our expense. Contact us at the following address: serviceclients@revesdelibellule.fr

Upon receipt and validation of your return, we will refund the payment on the issuing bank card within a maximum of 15 days. If you have a deferred debit card, reimbursement will take place at the end of the current month. In the event that this reimbursement is longer, we advise you to contact your bank.

If the reason for the return does not come from an error on our part, please go to article 14 of our general conditions of sale: right of withdrawal .

Special orders for furniture (modular rooms, made-to-measure or with special manufacturing carried out on estimate) cannot be canceled beyond a period of 7 days from the day of the order. Furniture cannot be returned after receipt.

Make reservations

PLEASE NOTE: when you sign the delivery note from the transporter, you acknowledge having received the goods in good condition. You therefore discharge the carrier of all responsibility. Any damage identified subsequently may be considered to have been caused by you.

In addition, the reservations on the delivery note of the carrier are not sufficient: they must be confirmed by registered letter within 3 days .

Control during delivery

During the delivery of a package, it is imperative to ask to check the package, both the exterior and the content in order to notify reservations if the product ordered is missing, incomplete or damaged.

Please note that the general reserve statements such as "subject to unpacking" have no legal value.

It will therefore be necessary to make specific reservations, define the missing products or damage to the delivery slip and within 3 days of delivery, confirm their reservations with the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt while informing the seller in parallel.

Some examples of inoperative / uncharacterized reserves

            • Open, smashed, crushed, damaged parcel, damaged cardboard, damaged parcel, without describing consecutive damage to the goods.

            • Trace of shocks

            • Pallet broken or dropped from the truck; X parts missing, not to mention that the packaging is no longer secure.

What are the reservations to indicate on the delivery note?

"Damaged package" and "damaged product". 

What if you are refused control of the package?

Very regularly the delivery person does not accept that you open the package before confirming receipt or does not want to wait.

However, it is obliged to do so, as the courts have pointed out on several occasions, and more particularly the Court of Cassation, in particular in two judgments:

Thus "the recipient has the right to require, before taking delivery, both internal and external verification of packages" (cass civ 22/11/1933). If the carrier has refused this right to the recipient, thereby preventing him from checking the goods, the valet cannot invoke the absence of reservations and confirmation by LRAR (cass 04/27/1921).

Therefore, it is imperative to indicate that you have been denied the opportunity to check the contents of the package on the receipt that you will sign and inform the carrier of the damage noted after checking the package by registered letter.

Force majeure access

If our transporter is forced to use a ferry or any other force majeure during home delivery, Rêves de libellule reserves the right to re-invoice the excess over the total amount of transport. This precaution includes deliveries to islands as well as to the high mountains. For these two cases, the delivery amount will be automatically doubled