Baby's room guide

While waiting for the arrival of your little one, you are seriously looking into its cozy little nest. You want, in fact, to do your utmost to welcome him in the best conditions by offering him a pleasant (for him) and practical (for you) room.

To help you, follow the baby room guide that I have concocted for you.

When to start preparing the nursery?

Like all parents, you should be impatient to look into your baby's room. But wait a moment: there is no point in rushing.

In fact, as a general rule, parents wait until the 5th or 6th month of pregnancy to get started. The mom is still in great shape (even if the dad has to manage the most difficult tasks) and you must know precisely, at this time, the sex of your little one.

Obviously, everything must be ready before birth. Keeping this goal in mind, you can tell yourself that the room should be finished and furnished by the 8th month of pregnancy to avoid stress in the last days.

Focus on baby room furniture

For a functional and comfortable baby room, here are the essential elements:

  • A bed (and a cot mattress );
  • A changing table;
  • Storage (chest of drawers and cupboard).

These are the three basic pieces of furniture that will help you sleep and take care of your young child. 

If you wish (and you have enough space), you can also buy a comfortable armchair to rock him and give him the breast / bottle, a toy chest, an awakening mat or even take a little advance by ordering a park that you can move from room to room as needed. Learn more about baby bedroom furniture .

Without forgetting the  decoration of baby room to brighten up the walls and / or the ceiling.

To know: you find on the site a complete and evolutive baby room  made in France, comprising our flagship product: a raised raised bed which prevents parents from hurting their backs. 
Also consult our guide on the baby room set .

How to make baby sleep in his bed?

The first months of a child are difficult. It does not yet have a regular rhythm and it requires constant attention. Besides, at the beginning, a large majority of parents prefer to sleep in their bedroom. But, in this case, how do you know when your baby is ready to sleep alone in his bed?

In fact, it is advisable to keep it with you for the first few weeks. Then, gradually, put him in his bed. First for his nap, then for the night.

Do not hesitate to explain to him that you are next door and that you are watching over him. That he can sleep peacefully in his bed, that he is in his room and that everything is fine.

So, although the child has his own character, it is up to you parents to quietly initiate the passage of baby in his room , and therefore to be able  to sleep baby in his bed .

Rêves de libellule : a mother at the service of young parents

Rêve de libellule was born from the idea of ​​a mother of two children (me, in this case) who was tired of not finding furniture that met her expectations in the trade.

So I decided to create a French-made  baby room made of wood, scalable, durable and respectful of the environment. My goal: to offer families a complete and ergonomic bedroom that can easily be transformed from a baby bedroom to a teenage bedroom, without having to buy additional items.

Ideal to facilitate the life of the parents (especially during the first months of baby's life) and allow, at the same time, the children to gain autonomy as they grow.