When to start preparing the nursery?

Being a future parent is a little scary ... but above all very exciting. You know your life will change. And it starts with the layout of your interior. You go, in fact, from a life of two to a life of two and a half (at least, at the beginning).

That said, although a child is small in size, it takes up a lot of space. This is why it is necessary to grant him a coin just to him.

When to start preparing the nursery? And how to arrange this new room? Nothing better than an article to know everything.

Fitting out of the baby room: identification phase

First of all, I want to clarify that there is no specific date to start the location of your little one. You can take advantage of a weekend where you have nothing planned to go around the stores near you to get some ideas. Nothing forces you to buy now. But it is a good way to see what can be done while accurately assessing the price of a baby room .

Having said that, in general, parents make sure that the room is ready before birth. Thus, couples begin to deal with it, most of the time, at the start of the third trimester. The future mother is still in good shape and you can get started as you go without hurrying. Once finished, it will be time to see the room as a whole and think about the possible finishes and decorative elements to add to it.

The most important thing: that you are not stressed. Of course, it is better to know the gender of your child before painting the walls in blue or pink for a  baby boy room or a baby girl room . Or opt for a white , unisex baby room .

What you need to know to properly prepare the nursery

Like everyone, to flourish, a child needs a little cocoon just for him. Experts also believe that a child's bedroom must meet 3 essential criteria:

- It must have a window to allow sunlight to enter it and to promote rapid learning of the day / night cycle. But also to be able to air it regularly;

- She must be in a quiet place. Indeed, it is preferable that the child can be in a silent environment when he needs to rest;

- It must have enough space to place all the essential furniture (a bed, but also, why not, a dresser and a changing table).

Obviously, it depends on your living space. It is not always possible to have a large space to accommodate baby (especially if it is not the first). These are tips that you should follow, if possible.


Dragonfly dream: the evolutionary baby room made in France

If you wish, I have designed an evolving baby room designed for parents and toddlers of all ages. Indeed, being myself a mother of 2 children, I realized that I had trouble finding my happiness in store. So I had the idea of ​​designing an ergonomic room promoting the autonomy of children and simplifying the life of parents at the same time (especially thanks to the raised raised bed). To do this, I thought of a complete room that can easily move from a child's room to a teenage room without the need to buy new furniture.

To find out more about this ecological room and the furniture that makes it up,  don't hesitate to contact me.