Returning home is an important moment after motherhood. It is the first big step in the new life of baby and future parents. Then, after a few weeks (or even a few months), it is time for the baby to move from the parental bedroom to a living space just for him.

How to make baby sleep in his room? I offer you some advice from specialists (and a bit of experience too).


A mother-baby bond

Experts in early childhood are formal: there are no good or bad practices. Some parents start sleeping in their room after a few weeks. Others, after several months.

In all cases, they explain that it is up to the mother to manage this merger period as she sees fit. They add, as such, that the father has no say. During the child's first months, it is up to the mother to decide whether or not her toddler should sleep near her.

So, for some, it is a way of reassuring themselves. Having the child close to you is the possibility of reacting quickly if you feel that something is wrong. In addition, if the mother wants to breastfeed, it is more practical to keep her baby in a crib near the parental bed.

In fact, at this moment, the mother and her baby are in a state of symbiosis. And nothing and no one should take that away from them. So do not listen to the father who wants to sleep (you knew that the first nights were going to be short). And even less those close to you who assure you that they have read or heard that it is better to put the child in bed as soon as possible to avoid being bothered then by possible vagaries. In this regard, be aware that a young child does not have whims. Crying is the only way for him to express himself.

On the other hand, that does not prevent having a room ready for the day when you are ready to take the plunge.


A room capable of accommodating your infant

Is it time to move from the parental room to the baby room? Have you managed to defuse with your infant and are you ready to leave him alone at night? No matter how long it took, if you do it without anxiety or anxiety, your baby has all the keys to sleep peacefully (and maybe even start sleeping).

Especially if you have created a little cocoon just for him with a cozy bed with a mobile and some fluff (be careful to place them at his feet). And why not a pilot light nearby? In addition, I recommend that parents do not make their toddler's bedroom a dorm room. This means spending time there, even during the day. You can, for example, play it with your little boy or girl.

In any case, know that the progressive bed that I propose to you adapts to the age of your little one. This means that the height is adjusted to prevent you from having back pain when you put it down or take it. Therefore, you can place it there early enough if you wish.

Thanks to the evolving Dragonfly Dream baby room , you can make your child feel good and spend peaceful nights. Ergonomic, ecological and healthy (because no toxic material), this 100% French room will see your child grow and help him gain daily autonomy until his adolescence.