10-year warranty on the purchase of the complete Lit’bellule baby room; it's 10 years of tranquility

A lot can happen in 10 years

In 10 years, you mostly have time to change your room at your own pace.

Whatever your life is like, we are always by your side with quality proven in extreme conditions.

We can talk about quality because we attach the greatest importance to it. Rêves de libellule furniture is subject to ever-increasing standards and quality controls throughout its development, production and use.

10-year warranty > on the purchase of the complete Lit'bellule baby room; it's 10 years of peace of mind.

The Dreams of Dragonfly guarantee assures you total peace of mind: a total guarantee on bed bases and hardware.

A guarantee guaranteed within our factory. We have a stock in the factory and are able to replace each defective part. We ensure our own follow-up of our customers for 10 years.

No other outside company is involved in the application of the guarantee. This means that for 10 years, you have the certainty of a single contact, a single service and the same procedures.

You are thus guaranteed to be able to enjoy your Rêves de libellule furniture in the best conditions for many years, and with complete peace of mind.