Some young parents have to deal with an already large child who is struggling to sleep in bed. While others have quickly managed to get baby into her room.

How did they accomplish this miracle? Is there a surefire way to get baby to sleep in their crib?

I offer you a summary of the do's and don'ts.

What is recommended to help baby sleep alone

Firstly, experts recommend waiting until baby is really tired before putting him to bed. In its first weeks of life, the child has not yet created a cycle. And even less day / night cycle. So he can fall asleep and wake up anytime (yes, even at night). Which exhausts young parents. Therefore, don't try to set your own pace too soon. Observe the first signs of fatigue (he rubs his eyes or he yawns) and put him to bed at this time.

Reassure yourself, if it doesn't work at first it's normal. In this case, put his bed in your room and occasionally try to put him back in his room. This is especially true at night. Because, during the day, I can only advise you, as far as possible, to make him take his naps alone in his room. Obviously, favor a quiet space with a minimum of light so as not to disturb his sleep phases.

Also, when you put him in bed, do not hesitate to talk to him very softly and to reassure him. This will soothe him and make him understand that he can let go.

Practices not recommended by specialists

All pediatricians say it: the father has no say in the subject.

It is the mother and her toddler who must ensure that the transition takes place in the best conditions.

The fathers remain so there in support, if necessary, but should in no way oblige one or the other (or even both) to do anything.

Some say that you have to wait several months before letting baby sleep alone. Again, it’s up to you, parents.

Do not try to force things too much. Do some tests and see how your child reacts.

We observe that some mothers find it very difficult to separate from their child at night. If this is your case, avoid being overprotective as much as possible. Be on the lookout, sure, but don't cover up too much on your child. This will prevent him from gaining autonomy.

Thus, to allow anxious mothers to gain peace of mind, some experts advise to let the father take care of the child in order to show to the mother that she can leave it.

Create a space just for him

Obviously, to make baby sleep in his bed, he needs a reassuring and protective space. This is why the choice of the baby bed is important. In addition, do not hesitate to add toys in his bed (only if they are at his feet) and elements that reassure him (a mobile and/or a night light).

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Rêves de libellule: a mother serving young parents

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