A little princess is announced? For her, you want the coziest, the prettiest, the safest and that starts with a bedroom that must be a cocoon for your little one. Here are my tips for a perfect baby girl room.

Little girl’s room: a cozy nest for your princess

Your little girl will spend a lot of time in her room.

At first, she will mainly sleep there, but very soon the sleeping area will also become a play area . It is therefore important that her room is large enough for her to have room to play in it. To convince you, think that otherwise, your living room will be invaded by toys...

Another important criterion, the presence of a window in the room . It is essential for two reasons: it allows the child to acquire the fundamental notions of day and night and it allows properly ventilate the room to eliminate microbes and unwanted particles.

Once your baby girl's bedroom space has been defined in your interior, you can think about its layout and a pretty decoration</ strong>: grey, pink, taupe, liberty, unicorns or owls?

The most important thing is that she feels good in her room, which should be like a cozy and protective setting .

Preparing your child’s room

Now let's get down to business, the preparations. But first, when to prepare the baby's room? This question inevitably arises for any future parent. Know that there is no rush. Also, there is no need to make it your priority as soon as the pregnancy is announced. On the contrary, take your time and take the opportunity to stroll through specialized shops and on the internet in search of the baby girl's room of your dreams. Still set a deadline for completing the preparations. Ideally, she should be ready in the 8th month of pregnancy. Baby can arrive at any time and it is important to protect yourself from any stress. And leaving for the maternity ward without having finished your child's room is a big one!

Knowing how to plan is essential to avoid buying temporary furniture. A child grows faster than you think. If you crack on a bassinet or a cradle, in a few short months, you will already have to switch to a crib. The smart and useful purchase is undoubtedly upgradable furniture. But more than the evolutionary bed, have you heard of the evolutionary baby room</ a>, where the furniture adapts and transforms to the rhythm of the child's growth?

Decorate the little girl's room

To furnish a baby girl's room, you have to take into consideration the available space.

Bedding is of course the key element: why not? an original girl's baby bed to change from the often charmless furniture of the big brands  ?

Near the bed, a corner changing table is very practical , just like a wardrobe or chest of drawers to store your clothes. Having all the equipment on hand to change and clean baby means less unnecessary fatigue for parents.

Without falling into the cliché of the pink little girl's room and la blue baby boy bedroom, the colors that will come to cover the walls must be considered and in any case, those that are too garish avoided.

For the floor, it is better to prefer washable coverings to carpets, in order to prevent allergic reactions due to dust or dust mites.

As for furniture, turn instead to natural materials without chemicals, harmful to yourtoddler.

Rêves de libellule : a mother serving young parents

Rêves de libellule was born from the idea of a mother of two children (me, in this case) who was tired of not finding furniture that met her expectations in the shops.

So I decided to create a French-made baby room in wood, scalable, durable and respectful of the environment. My goal: to offer families a complete and ergonomic ecological baby room that can easily be transformed from a baby's room to a teenager's room, without having to buy additional items.

Ideal to make life easier for parents (especially during the first months of baby's life) and allow, in at the same time, children gain autonomy as they grow.