For the bedroom of your little one that is coming, you want to get out of the classic furniture that is found in all interiors and the eternal pink or blue decoration? The solution? Opt for an original baby room!

What decoration for an original baby room?

Choosing the decoration of the baby's room is one of the most pleasant moments of pregnancy. Whether you have a creative mind or not, for a baby room that is out of the ordinary, let your imagination and common sense run wild. The main thing is above all to create a reassuring environment for your little one, a real cozy nest in which he will feel good and can sleep and then evolve serenely.

Soft colors on the walls will help him. If you want more lively or acidulous tones, then reserve them for a single section of the wall. To avoid traditional shades, you have endless possibilities, some of which are particularly trendy and which, together with the right furniture, will make your baby room designer: mouse grey, mint green or even duck blue for a contemporary Scandinavian style. And have you thought about the wallpaper? It has made a remarkable comeback in recent years and can give the room the little decorative touch it was missing. The key is to use it sparingly: for a truly original effect, cover a single section of wall or apply just one strip.

Once the style of your baby room decoration has been defined, continue by sprinkling pretty related objects on the shelves, hanging frames on the walls and placing a few cushions and rugs here and there.

Baby's room cannot be out of the ordinary without original furniture. There are alternatives to the banal bed with very straight bars and without real charm. Beautiful curves, for example, immediately give a real cachet and thus, a white baby room can be strikingly unique.

But if the real originality was to choose an evolving baby room ?

Lit'bellule: an original baby room

Modular baby beds, you have probably already seen them and know the principle. But do you know the fully scalable baby room, where each element adapts and transforms to the rhythm of the child's growth? Lit'bellule is an original baby room, a unique concept of evolving room that finds its place in small rooms as well as in large ones: it includes a bed, a changing table with storage space and four storage modules. storage.

From birth to 18 months, baby is at arm's length in his perfectly secure raised bed. No more hurting your back to put it in or take it out. From 18 months, the upper part of the bed is transformed into a child's bed up to 7 years old, first with the bars then, around 24 months, with a small safety barrier. Then, it becomes a bench, accompanying the child until adolescence. What happens to the foot of the raised bed? A child's desk, then a teenager's desk thanks to its two positions. The changing table converts into a storage unit, to slide under the desk or wherever you want.

Durability of the bedroom could only go hand in hand with ecology: Lit'bellule is a baby room made of natural wood non-toxic due to the use of ecological generation MDF panels and a water-based paint finish, which limit indoor air pollution linked to organic components volatiles (VOCs). Thus, your child is protected in his pretty, clever and healthy cocoon.