As a parent (or future parent), protecting your child is your priority and guides your daily choices. For the furniture of his room, you are obviously uncompromising on safety, but do you also think about the preservation of his health? Because on this point, only a baby room made of natural wood allows it.

A wooden baby room, respectful of your child’s health

If you are not careful, when you buy furniture – unless you have opted for solid wood – you inevitably pollute your interior without wanting to. Indeed, particleboard or MDF contain volatile organic compounds (the famous formaldehyde, classified as carcinogenic, and other equally harmful agents) present in the glue, paint or varnish, which disperse in the air. When you unpack and assemble a new furniture kit, a characteristic smell escapes and persists for several days, even weeks: it is that of formaldehyde. Powerful irritant for the eyes, the nose and the respiratory tract, it is dreadful in toddlers, which is why it is important to protect them from it.

For this, it is advisable to make sure to choose non-toxic wooden furniture and to favor water-based paint finishes. The Lit'bellule evolving baby room was designed with the imperative desire to offer parents an innovative, unique product that protects the health of children. You should know that in its natural state, wood contains formaldehyde, but in tiny, non-harmful doses. The MDF panels used to make the wooden cot and storage modules therefore contain no more than natural wood.

An ecological wooden baby room, respectful of the environment

Create an original baby room with scalable and therefore durable furniture, could only be be part of a process of respect for the environment. In addition to the use of natural wood from ecology generation (E1 standards at 0.062mg/m3), it seemed essential to us to preserve resources: the panels are reconstituted from solid wood from managed forests, to reduce the impact of our production. on the environment.

All furniture in our wooden baby room is made without waste. Indeed, waste – offcuts from MDF panels and leftover shavings used for bed bases – are recycled: they are used to supply our boilers. Thus, the production unit is completely self-sufficient in energy without the need to use fossil fuels.

In addition, the use of solid wood to reconstitute the panels guarantees the solidity of our wooden baby room. It is more resistant to the passage of time, temperature variations and possible assembly and disassembly. Sustainable furniture is the assurance of consuming less and therefore using resources in a reasonable way.

Finally, our furniture is 100% made in France. We choose our partners for their know-how, the excellence of their raw materials and their eco-responsible approach. Manufacturing in France means guaranteeing our customers high quality products with impeccable finishes while preserving the environment and local employment.

For an eco-responsible baby room

Developing an eco-responsible baby room is therefore within everyone's reach. All you have to do is:

  • opt for non-toxic wooden furniture with as few volatile organic compounds as possible;
  • prefer those containing wood from harvesting from sustainably managed forests;
  • to favor water-based paints for finishes;
  • to favor furniture made in France.