When it comes to choosing a bed for the little one to come, parents-to-be ask themselves many questions. Bed base, mattress, cushions… Where to go and how to be sure that these products do not pose a danger to the newborn and that they do not contain harmful substances?
I give you the keys to properly choose your wooden crib.

Wooden baby bed: How to choose it?

Your new furniture has been giving off a pungent and unpleasant odor for several days, even weeks?

It is formaldehyde, a volatile organic compound classified as carcinogenic. The latter is strongly irritating to the throat, eyes and nose. Formaldehyde is notably present in high concentrations in the glue and varnishes used in the manufacture of particle board. This substance, in addition to harming comfort, is also formidable and weakens already sensitive organisms in young children. Therefore, if a baby is prone to asthma, formaldehyde can be very dangerous for him. To preserve your child and not harm his health, limit contact with this component as much as possible.

In order to avoid harmful substances, the ideal would be to turn to quality furniture in solid wood. However, this is not the only solution: you can find cots made of non-toxic wood on the market, and all the furniture necessary for the composition of the room. As consumers and producers are increasingly aware of environmental issues in order to participate in building a better world, many products in line with this approach are available on the market. Thus, many pieces of furniture made with materials that limit interior pollution will perfectly meet your needs. Made from ecological wooden panels, they contain tiny doses of formaldehyde, comparable to those present in natural wood and therefore harmless for babies.

In order to choose the right wooden baby bed, prefer natural raw materials, but also pay attention to the coverings. Indeed, the paint covering the furniture can also be toxic for your little one, especially since like many children, he will like to put his mouth on the edges of his bed. The solution? A water-based paint finish, which offers all the guarantees of safety for your child.

Lit'bellule, an eco-friendly wooden cot

When we designed and developed our evolving baby room Lit'Bellule, we wanted to think of and innovate a unique product for parents and their child.

Thus, our baby room is fully modular with its bed in height, it adapts to both small and large spaces and has been designed with an eco-responsible approach.

Durable, the evolutionary baby room Lit'Bellule grows with your child and changes throughout of its growth to adapt to its needs. In addition, the baby room is made in France.

Our cot and the storage modules that accompany it are made of natural wood, guaranteed without added formaldehyde.

The MDF panels are reconstituted from solid wood from managed forests, to minimize the impact of our production on the environment.

The reconstitution from this raw material gives our furniture with unparalleled solidity and precious durability in an all-disposable society, increasingly plagued by a desire to change consumer practices.

Besides , it is the entire bedroom that has been designed with this longevity in mind since it evolves with the child until adolescence. Thus, no need to renew your furniture while your little one grows up. The wooden baby bed l accompanies you from birth to about 7 years old and saves you the purchase of a cradle, a cot and then a child's bed.

When ecology rhymes with economy, the parents can only be seduced. As for the storage modules, they serve as a bedside table, office storage and even why not, in the long term, find their place in other rooms of your interior as an entrance or living room piece of furniture. Just let your imagination run free!