A wooden baby bed

When choosing a bed for the toddler to come, future parents ask themselves many questions. How can you be sure that it is safe for the newborn and that it does not contain harmful substances? I give you the keys to choose the right wooden children's bed.

 wooden baby crib

How to choose the wooden bed for your baby?

The pungent and unpleasant odor that emanates for days and even weeks from a new piece of furniture probably reminds you of something. In fact, it is that of formaldehyde, a volatile organic compound classified as carcinogenic, highly irritating to the eyes, nose and throat, present in high concentration in the glue and varnishes used to manufacture particle boards. For young children, this substance turns out to be formidable and weakens already sensitive organisms, in particular those subject to asthma. It is therefore important to keep them away to preserve their health.

To avoid harmful substances, you can of course turn to solid wood furniture, but there is another option: a non-toxic wooden baby bed and even a natural wooden baby room . These products have been developing on the market for a few years, thus meeting the demand of consumers who are more and more aware of environmental issues, in particular those relating to indoor pollution. Made from ecological wood panels, they contain tiny doses of formaldehyde, comparable to those present in natural wood and therefore harmless.

To choose your wooden baby bed, choose natural raw materials, but also pay attention to coatings, because obviously, the paint covering the furniture can also be toxic to your little one, especially since like many children, he will like to put his mouth on the edges of his bed. The solution ? A water-based paint finish, which alone offers all the guarantees of safety for your child.

Lit'bellule, an eco-responsible wooden baby bed

When designing our evolving Lit'bellule baby room , we wanted to innovate by offering young parents a unique product, completely modular, adapting to both small and large spaces and designed in a completely eco-responsible approach. Finally the baby room is made in France .

ecological wooden baby bed

The baby bed, as well as the storage modules making up the bedroom, are made of natural wood guaranteed without added formaldehyde. MDF panels are reconstituted from solid wood from managed forests, to minimize the impact of our production on the environment. The reconstitution from this raw material gives our furniture unmatched solidity and precious durability in a disposable society, increasingly prey to a desire to change consumption practices. Moreover, it is the entire bedroom that was imagined with this longevity in mind since it evolves with the child until adolescence. No more ceaseless renewal of furniture as your little one grows. The wooden baby bed accompanies him from birth to around 7 years and saves you the purchase of a cradle, a cot and then a child's bed. When ecology rhymes with economy, parents can only be seduced.

As for the storage modules, they serve as a bedside table, an office credenza and even why not, in the long term, find a place in other rooms of your interior as an entrance or bathroom furniture. Just let your imagination run wild! 

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