Baby bed linen

baby bed linen

During the first months of life, your little one will spend most of his time in bed. It is therefore important that he feels good in his world and that his bed linen is cozy. And if it is organic, it is even better for its health!

What baby bed linen?

When it comes to baby bed linen, we immediately think of the bumper that will adorn the bars nicely or the lovely sleeping bag in which the little one will snuggle up warm. But before that, it is necessary to cover the mattress, because of course, it would not occur to anyone to make baby sleep directly on it.

Two pieces of equipment are therefore essential: the fitted sheet and the baby bed cover. The latter protects the mattress from any overflow or leakage of diapers, perspiration or other relatively frequent minor regurgitation accidents. Not to put it is to risk staining the bedding, whose cleaning is, it must be said, hardly obvious.

Once the crib mattress is preserved under a draw sheet, it only remains to dress it with a fitted sheet only to ensure the safety of your child, because its elastic corners allow the mattress to be wrapped well. For this one, cotton jersey is an ideal material: stretchy, soft, resistant, it requires no ironing.

Why pay attention to the quality of your child's bed linen?

Obviously, for nothing in the world you would not want to put your child, the apple of your eye, in direct contact with harmful substances. However, by not paying particular attention to the choice of your baby bed linen , this is what may inevitably happen, because the transformation of cotton into fiber and the dyes used by the textile industry require the use chemicals, including solvents and heavy metals. Scary isn't it? 
organic fitted sheet for cot
Not to mention that the production of cotton from traditional sectors is one of the most polluting in the world, while consuming a lot of water. 

organic fitted sheet for cot Choosing a baby bed linen in organic cotton is to protect your child and act in favor of environmental protection. In addition, the lack of use of pesticides and chemicals strengthens the absorbent properties of cotton! What definitely succumb to the attraction of organic for bed linen.


Towards an entirely organic baby room

For the design of our evolutionary baby room , we wanted to work exclusively from ecological raw materials, to allow children to evolve in a healthy environment, while reducing our impact on nature. For the textile of the bedding in our Lit'bellule room, it could not of course be otherwise.

The 70 x 140 cm baby fitted sheets are in cotton jersey. Available in several colors, they provide toddlers with incomparable comfort, for optimal quality of sleep. Our draw sheet is made of 100% viscose bamboo terry cloth for the sleeper side. Freshness and sweetness guaranteed! The face in contact with the mattress is waterproofed by coating with phthalate-free polyurethane and does not allow leaks to pass.

organic fitted sheet for cot 

Our baby bed linen is certified by the Oeko-Tex Confidence Textile Standard 100 label which guarantees the absence of any harmful product in the textiles we market. With Rêves de Libellule, your child is kept away from toxic substances, from furniture to bedding, to preserve their health capital.

organic fitted sheet for cot