What storage for a baby room?

baby bedroom storage

Between clothes, toiletries, childcare equipment and toys, everything quickly accumulates in a newborn baby's room. Also, so that it keeps its playful side while remaining practical, bet on good storage and on smart furniture.


Storage of the baby room: the essentials

A child grows quickly and the pieces making up his wardrobe change every month as he grows. You can quickly find yourself overwhelmed by clothes. To store them, two baby bedroom storage units are essential: the chest of drawers and the wardrobe. If you have room, you can opt for these two equipments, otherwise, you will probably have to choose according to the space available on the floor.

The chest of drawers allows you to store your belongings horizontally and offers an attractive storage capacity. The wardrobe, it allows to arrange the clothes horizontally, but also vertically: the little dresses of your princess or the shirts of your little one are hung there and therefore wrinkle less.

Whatever you choose, the key word should be practicality for you and for your child, because you will be handling this furniture all day long.


For optimized baby room storage

The storage of the baby room is the concern of any parent, especially since the living spaces tend to be smaller and smaller. At a time when we always dream of having a few more square centimeters, saving space is a real challenge. If the surface is lacking, each piece of furniture becomes the pretext to increase the storage capacity. And since pushing the walls is impossible, the only solution is to optimize the layout of your room.

For that, you have to opt for smart furniture: clever storage, evolving furniture and even why not a complete evolving baby room , like the Lit'bellule concept that I developed. Designed for both small and large spaces, it provides storage space under the raised bed and a small wardrobe. Space saving guaranteed! In its optimized configuration, it occupies only 1.5 m2 on the floor thanks to the four modules that fit under the bed alongside the changing table, also designed to offer additional storage possibilities for toiletries.


Tips for a tidy baby room

There are tips to facilitate the storage of the baby room. Before buying already, think practical by studying the proposed solutions. A wardrobe can be fitted with a high shelf which is useful for storing linen, less used clothes or small equipment. As for the dresser, some models have a changing table, another essential piece of furniture for the baby room, directly on their upper shelf .

You can supplement the storage possibilities offered by the furniture with wall storage, with shelves for example. On the ground, pretty baskets, a trunk bench or bins will perfect your organizational arsenal.

Sort your toddler's clothes and toys regularly to free up space and not be overwhelmed. Think that without it, it is your living room which, inevitably, will become the annex of his room.

Finally, the daily storage of the bedroom is not the sole responsibility of the parents. Associate your child by transforming what is a chore for you into play for him. The fun side works well, but to achieve this, you have to help it by choosing accessible storage, within reach of its small hands, and easy to handle.