To make the newborn sleep, there are several types of cots: small - bassinets and cradles - or beds with bars. It’s all about safety.
Not sure? Here’s my guide to help you make your choice.

Up to 6 months: bassinets and cradles are possible

For nine months, your little one has felt protected, cramped in your belly.

After birth, he may find himself a little lost in a large crib, without contact with its edges. The baby bassinet or the cradle allow the infant to be reassured by a restricted space reminding him of his intrauterine life.

What is the difference between the two?

The bassinet is a small mobile bed. It allows the sleeping toddler to be transported from one room to another (but never by car) in order to keep an eye on him in all circumstances. A real protective cocoon, it constitutes a transition between maternity and the crib. The baby cradle is also a small bedding with the same properties as the bassinet, but it is fixed, so it is less easy to move around the house. As its name suggests, it can be swung to gently rock baby. However, some models no longer offer this function and are simple scale model cots specially designed for infants.

After 6 months (or earlier depending on the size of your child), it is advisable to switch to the cot, one of the essentials furniture for the baby room.

After 6 months: the crib, only bed recommended for baby

As soon as your child is cramped in his little bed or is able to sit up, a baby cot must be installed in his room.

There are lots of models, in all colors and at all prices. Its high bars prevent falls due to the reversals of the child. Most often, it offers two positions, a high one for the newborn and a low one after 6 months.

Indispensable the bed with bars? Yes it is undeniable. Practical ? Not so sure, it depends for whom.

How many parents actually complain of back pain when putting their child to bed or getting up? Because most beds evolve inversely to the growth of the child: the heavier it is, the lower the bed base, leading parents to have to bend over backwards. To avoid frequent back pain, you can opt for a raised baby bed.

To save space (and money), bet on the complete evolutive baby room Lit'bellule designed to offer a protective cocoon to children , from birth to 7 years old: your little one is at arm's length up to 18 months thanks to the high position of the baby crib. After this age, the bed becomes a classic children's bed while its foot turns into a desk.

Complete evolving baby room Lit'bellule

Advantages and disadvantages of different cots

The main advantage of the cradle and bassinet baby is its size adapted to that of the newborn, which gives him the feeling of protection he needs. On the other hand, these sleeping arrangements are ephemeral – six months at most – and lead parents to multiply the costs. As for the quality of the mattress, it is generally not sufficient in terms of density.

The crib allows parents to make substantial savings while by offering an optimal guarantee of safety to the children. And if in addition, it is 'a cot with non-toxic paint, their health also preserved!