What parent has never complained of back pain when getting up or going to bed with their toddler? To avoid damaging the back, the solution found is the raised cot. With him, no need to bend in half, your little one is within arm’s reach!

Prevent parents' back pain with the raised crib

This is a reality that is often underestimated and therefore put aside by future parents – especially when they are novices, but the Back pain associated with getting up and going to bed can make those happy moments a real pain.

Bending down to slide your baby into his bed with bars, cradle or bassinet becomes more complicated as he grows.

Already, at 6 months, he weighs much more than at birth: between 6 and 9 kg, i.e. between two and three times the weight he had when he was born. To put him to bed or get him out of bed, you now have to bend over, a gesture that you will have to repeat several times a day. Over time, back pain naturally begins to appear.

How to avoid it? Turning to furniture adapted and on this point, nothing better than a raised baby bed. What is it about ? It is a baby bed higher than a classic crib simply. With it, your child is within arm's reach. No more having to bend over to pick up your little one.

When I imagined the complete evolutive baby room Bed 'bellule, offering parents ergonomic furniture that preserves their health was one of my many prerequisites.

Usable from birth to 18 months, all you need to do is open the doors to take or put your little one to bed, without having to bend down. Of course, the opening and closing system is secure and complies with the requirements of French standards : opening is done by a double dependent and consecutive external action, while that the closing is semi-automatic. Baby is high up, but totally safe. He cannot find a point of support to hoist himself up, nor even pass his arms above the highest point of the bars in an arc, located at a height of 84 cm (when the standards recommend 66 cm).</p >

Raised cot: its other assets

The raised cot protects parents' backs, so they no longer have to bend over. This is good news, but it is not its only advantage. Indeed, a high bed actually provides additional storage space under it. And in today's increasingly smaller homes, where every square meter gained is a victory, this is an element to take into consideration.

If you have little space, with the complete babyroom Lit'bellule, you can slide up to four storage modules under the bed as well as the changing table. Practical ! In this configuration, it only occupies 1.5 m2 of floor space.

Complete evolving baby room Lit'bellule

Do you have more space? What if the underside of the bed was transformed into a hut?

Hang up some curtains, put some cushions on the floor and that’s it.

There is no doubt that your child will love spending time there alone or with their little brother or sister making up stories. 

Freed from back pain thanks to the raised baby bed, give free rein to your imagination to arrange the space below.