Baby room set: bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers…

For the baby room, rather than buying furniture separately, why not bet directly on a baby room set? In this way, no decorative faux pas and savings!


Coordinate furniture with a baby room set

Arranging the baby room requires time and energy on the part of future parents. Saturdays spent in stores can succeed each other with, ultimately, more or less success. To make your life easier, the choice of a crib set with chest of drawers and hanging space is very wise. No more scouring general and specialized brands looking for different furniture in the baby room . Buying the complete equipment means saving time and energy for the rest: in a single purchase, you have a coordinated baby bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers.

In addition, opting for this solution allows you to create a harmonious universe for your little one in which all the elements are in perfect harmony. No false notes, the whole forms a reassuring cocoon that you just have to decorate with a nice trendy decoration, classic or vintage according to your tastes.

 complete baby room

Save money with a baby room set

Obviously, it will not escape you that buying in bulk is cheaper than buying in retail. Betting on a set of baby room thus allows to realize substantial savings. When you are preparing to become a parent, it is not negligible, because the costs of all kinds multiply and seriously impinge on an often tight budget. To spend as little as possible, you have to think smart and have a global vision of future purchases to be expected.

A chest of drawers, a bed or a baby wardrobe are major expenses, just like a multifunction stroller or a good car seat. Count several hundred euros for each piece of furniture. It is an element to really have in mind when it comes to the purchase of furniture for the toddler's room. Better make the right choices now!

In addition to the bed, choose a wardrobe and a baby chest of drawers that are easy to handle for you, but also for your child. Pay attention to the closing system of the drawers for example: for you, they must be able to open and close easily with one hand and for your little one, it is important that they have a device preventing it to get your fingers caught.

 complete baby roomcomplete baby room

Lit'bellule: an evolutionary and ecological baby room set

Lit'bellule is a concept of a complete evolutionary baby room that accompanies children from birth to around 7 years old. Up to 18 months, the cot is raised to offer parents comfort in use and thus avoid frequent back pain. The underside of the bed accommodates a changing table and storage modules. Then, the bed separates from its foot - which turns into a desk - to become a classic children's bed with its small safety barrier. The bedroom can be completed with a wardrobe which adapts to the size of the child and a chest of drawers with the soundproof and finger pinching system.

The baby room set has been designed with ecological materials (wood and paint) to protect the health of the most fragile and the planet. The carbon footprint of its production is reduced to a minimum thanks to a 100% made in France design, short circuits, recycling of waste and a fierce fight against waste. Smart, economical and ecological the Lit'bellule room! 

complete baby room

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