The ecological baby room: protecting your child's health and the planet

baby sleeps

The ecological awareness leads more and more parents to make responsible choices in terms of furniture for their children. We imagined the ecological baby room Lit'bellule to meet the imperative need to protect our toddlers from harmful substances while preserving the environment.

The Lit'bellule bedroom: an ecological baby bed with storage modules

Raw materials without harmful substances

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) pollute our interiors and are responsible for serious health problems, especially on fragile organisms such as those of infants. Also, knowing that your little one is evolving in an ecological baby room is still more reassuring, isn't it? The furniture in the Lit'bellule baby room is made from wood fiber panels - MDF - "ecological generation" guaranteed without added formaldehyde, isocyanates or phenolic glues. Your child sleeps in a healthy environment that emits no substances harmful to his health!

Non-toxic finishes

For the finishing of our products, we use a water-based paint. Natural and without toxic emissions, it poses absolutely no risk to the health of your child. He can thus put his mouth against the bars of his bed safely, which is not the case with non-organic children's furniture.

Do you think that with a water-based paint finish for a non-toxic baby bed you will have no choice in terms of colors? Our ecological baby room is available in white, gray or taupe, the trendy shades of kids furniture.


Lit'bellule, an evolving and therefore sustainable baby room

The complete Lit'bellule baby room is scalable and therefore ecological, since it saves you from consuming furniture as your child grows. Imagine an evolving baby bed that accommodates your little one up to 7 years of age, then which turns into a seat to read comfortably or play with the little brother or the little sister; a footboard that turns into a child's desk and then a teen's desk and storage space that follows your toddler until adolescence (to then find their place in your bathroom or in your hallway)! 
What savings at stake! Consuming less is good for your wallet, but it is also good for the planet.

An ecological French-made baby room

The manufacturing of our ecological baby room could only take place in France to meet our need to preserve the environment. By producing and assembling in France, we limit our carbon impact on transport. We work with local professionals who provide us with high quality raw materials and are part of an eco-responsible approach: the wood comes from sustainably managed forests and the hardware parts are made in France.

We go even further in our ecological approach by recycling our waste and fighting against waste: the falls from MDF panels and the remains of wood shavings from box springs are used as fuel to power our boilers. Thus, our production unit is autonomous and does not need to resort to fossil fuels.


By its materials and finishes, our ecological baby room Lit'bellule offers your child all the necessary guarantees of non-toxicity. And to present more confidence and guarantees of reliability to parents, we wanted and obtained NF certification, a demanding national standard whose criteria are far superior to other French and European standards in force.

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