Ecological awareness is leading more and more parents to make responsible choices when it comes to furnishing their children. At Rêves de libellule, we have imagined the Lit’bellule ecological baby room which meets the pressing need to protect our little ones from harmful substances while preserving the environment. Discover our Lit’bellule baby room.

The Lit’bellule bedroom: an ecological baby bed with storage modules

Raw materials without chemicals

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) pollute our interiors and can cause serious health problems, especially in infants (with weak immune system). This is why it is reassuring to know that your baby is living in an ecological room.

Please note that the Lit'bellule baby room furniture is designed from MDF wood fiber panels (Medium Density Fiberboard), which is both economical and ecological. This construction material is guaranteed without added formaldehyde nor isocyanates or phenolic glues (E1 standard with 0.62mg/m3).

Offer your child an environment healthy that does not emit any substance harmful to its health!

Non-toxic finishes

For the finish of our furniture (beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers or changing table ...), < strong>we use water-based paint without solvents or Volatile Organic Compounds. Natural and free of toxic emissions, this paint poses absolutely no risk to health. Thus, your baby will be able to breathe healthy air and even put his mouth against the bars of his bed in complete safety (unlike non-organic children's furniture).

As for the colors, know that Rêves de libellule offers you several very trendy ranges of kids furniture; the water-based paints of our ecological baby rooms come in white, gray and taupe.

The complete baby room Lit'bellule is scalable, therefore ecological, since it saves you from consuming furniture as your child grows.

Imagine a cot that accommodates your little one from birth to 7 years old, then becomes a bench seat to allow you to read comfortably and play with the little one brother or little sister; the footboard turns into a child's desk and then a teenager's desk and the storage units follow your child through to adolescence. Practical, isn't it?

On the mattresses, our products all comply with the Textile Confidence label awarded by the international association Oeko-Tex Standart 100, thus guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances. One more gesture for the environment...

An ecological baby room of French manufacture

To meet our need to preserve the environment, the manufacturing of our eco-friendly baby room could only take place in France. 

By producing and assembling our furniture in France, we limit our carbon impact on transport.

Our teams work with local professionals who provide us with high-quality raw materials and are part of an eco-responsible approach: the wood comes from forests managed sustainably and the hardware parts are made in France.

In order to improve our ecological footprint at Rêves de libellule, we recycle our waste : scraps of MDF panels and the remains of wood shavings from box springs serve as fuel for power our boilers. Thus, our production unit is autonomous and does not need to use fossil fuels.

Through its design, materials and finishes, our ecological baby room Lit'bellule offers your child all the necessary guarantees of non-toxicity. And for greater confidence and visibility vis-à-vis parents, we were able to obtain NF certification, a demanding national standard ensuring not only the conformity of the products in force but also meeting the criteria of quality and safety that adapt to the needs of each client.

Baby Room 200% made in France

Rêve de libellule : a mother at the service of young parents

Rêve de libellule was born from the idea of a mother of two children (me, in this case) who was tired of not finding furniture that met her expectations on the market.

So I decided to create a French-made baby room in wood, scalable, durable and environmentally friendly. My goal: to offer families a complete and ergonomic ecological baby room that can be easily transformed from a baby room to a teenager's room, without having to buy additional items.

Ideal for making life easier for parents (especially during the first months of baby's life) and allowing, in At the same time, children gain independence as they grow.