How to arrange a bedroom for 2 children? Housing that is too small, a large family or blended siblings are the main reasons that force children to share the same space. So, how can we arrange it so that cohabitation goes as smoothly as possible? Discover our advice and decorative solutions for decorating a bedroom for 2 children.

Choose the beds wisely

Who says two children, says two beds.

Properly arranging a bedroom for 2 children begins with a judicious selection of beds. And when it comes to this, you are spoiled for choice. It all depends above all on the surface area of the room. If it is large enough, you can opt for two individual beds that you place side by side, head to head or each along a wall. However, you must take into account the fact that your children will also need storage furniture for their games and their belongings, desks, etc.

Also, you may prefer to turn to space-saving solutions.

Fortunately, manufacturers and interior designers compete in imagination: bunk beds of course, pull-out beds, drawer beds, but also retractable bed or mezzanine bed, which allows you to arrange a work area underneath or slide a single bed perpendicularly...

Thanks to these clever solutions, you will optimize the space and free up space. floor space so that your children can move freely as with the Lit'bellule baby room and the Dream children's bed or the Mauli teen bed!

Personalize each universe to differentiate the spaces

Once the type of bed has been determined, it is important to carefully arrange the room for 2 children.

Create each child's own world that suits them . To differentiate the spaces and create two distinct atmospheres, you have a choice. Personalize their environment with colored paint, wallpaper as a headboard, stickers or different decorative objects or choose contrasting bed linen.

If possible, create separations to provide the privacy they need. This is even more true if your children are not of the same sex. To do this, there are clever solutions: curtains, Japanese walls and even glass roofs make it possible, for example, to clearly delimit the spaces allocated to each person.

But, depending on the configuration of the room, you can also use furniture to mark spaces. A library, chest of drawers or desk can therefore serve as a virtual separation. Cohabitation will only go better if everyone can find themselves in their bubble in case of need for isolation.

Baby and child room

Common or separate play area in a room for two children?

The layout of the children's room for two is carried out according to the personality and age of each person.

Room for 2 girls, room for 2 boys or mixed room, it is important to differentiate the worlds, but also to free up space for play.

If your children are close in age, they probably like to have fun together. So, a central play area, materialized by a pretty rug, is the best solution. Try to ensure that they don't have to go around the furniture to play. Position beds parallel to the walls to save space. This recommendation also applies when a young child and a baby share the same room. On the other hand, if your children are older or with a more pronounced age gap, they will probably prefer to each have their own space. In this case, you will rather place the beds in the center of the room or head to head, marking the separation with a piece of furniture. In this way, everyone will have their own universe, sheltered from the gaze of the other.