Rêves de libellule : The brand of children’s furniture 200% Made In France!

Furniture for the baby's room made in France

Respect for nature and traceability of materials are part of our DNA.

We create and manufacture for you totally ecological products and 200% made in France!

All of our furniture, bed linen and baby room and children's room bedding are designed and manufactured in France with French materials from our French partner factories.

We have taken care to select factories and workshops that share our values. We act daily to maintain and develop French manufacturing.

Thus the different stages of production are carried out in France:

  • Manufacturing
  • Transformation
  • Product finishing
  • Packaging

Quality is a real obsession for us and our partners. 100% of our products are made in France!

Why choose furniture Made in France?

This considerably limits the environmental impact due to the transport of raw materials and promotes short circuits. By furnishing the baby's room with Rêves de libellule wooden furniture, you contribute to maintaining local jobs.

100% of our baby rooms and children's rooms are made in France!

Our values

  1. We design French-made wooden furniture that lasts, which you can assemble, disassemble and then reassemble again without damaging it. We are fighting against the disposable trend.
  2. Our baby rooms and children's rooms are robust, created with quality parts, manufactured by competent people who allow you to keep your product for many years.
  3. We are committed to respecting French safety standards for all our products.
  4. We design furniture that makes life easier such as the Lit'bellule evolving baby room with a unique concept of raised baby bed .

Choosing Rêves de libellule means being certain of the origin, quality and durability of the baby room.