Revolutionizes children's furniture

I am the mother of two daughters.
During a stay in hospital for my second daughter, I had a trigger: to conceive a unique concept that dreams up children's furniture. So I linked my passion for creation and my love for children.
I was tired of hurting my back to get my baby out of bed because the existing beds evolve contrary to the child's growth (the heavier it is, the more the bed base drops!). So I created a scalable raised baby bed.

I was tired of my children breathing in products harmful to their health . So I chose new generation "ecology" wood panels.

I was tired of changing furniture as soon as baby grew up . So I designed a baby room that evolves into a child's room then into an office, sitting area and storage for the teenage bedroom.

I was tired of not finding quality furniture . So I found a French manufacturer who works with quality "premium" materials.

I wanted furniture certified French Standards not just "CE" in an approach of safety and overall quality. The bed has been tested for 8 months. I have for example: raised the height of the barriers by 20 cm, work on the flare to prevent any fulcrum, reduce the space between the bars…


Give way to innovative furniture in color, respectful of your health, of your environment infinitely modular and 100% French


Scalable room where all the elements are under a scalable raised baby bed (multiple storage spaces, changing table): no more space problems, back pain, no need to change furniture when baby grows. And all this made in an ecological wood and a water-based paint finish in which you can choose the color (white, gray or taupe).


Ultra-scalable and durable: the Lit'bellule welcomes your baby from 0 to 7 years old and its storage modules adapt to your child's growth and are reusable all the time, everywhere. No need to change furniture as soon as your child grows. You therefore benefit from several rooms united in a single concept and even beyond in all the rooms of the house!


Design and ecological, we choose raw materials as close as possible to our production site. During the production process, we use these materials with care and economy. Both during their production and in their recycling phase, our products have less impact on the environment.

A French concept

Choosing furniture made in France, of course, means enhancing our know-how, but at the ecological level it also means reducing the carbon impact on transport.

A key element of the environmental cycle

We believe that future generations also have the right to benefit from natural raw materials. This is why we mainly use cultivable resources (renewable in a 200-year cycle) or mineral raw materials.


A healthy mind in a healthy habitat.

With our natural products, we want to improve your quality of life and that of your environment. This is why we have carefully selected the natural raw materials from which our products are made. The result ? Our products are anti-static and let the pieces breathe as they should because they do not leave a synthetic film on the supports. Our furniture guarantees a formaldehyde content of less than 2 mg / 100 g of dry board comparable to that of natural wood.

Our bedding products meet

The requirements of the following organizations and manufacturing specifications:

The Max Havelaar label certifies fair trade products and its goal is to enable artisans and farmers in the southern hemisphere to fight poverty themselves by offering them fair sales conditions.

The Certipur label, meanwhile, guarantees the quality of the foam used in the manufacture of mattresses so that they are healthy, secure and environmentally friendly.

The Textile Confidence label is awarded by the international association Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which controls the absence of substances harmful to health in various products including the mattresses that Chambrekids.com has chosen for you. This Organic Cotton logo can be affixed to our products because they are made from cotton from organic farming.