To preserve your health and promote its proper development, it is essential to offer your baby a healthy room free of toxic substances.

A few simple steps, such as choosing the mattress, furniture and paint, checking the insulation or using natural household products, will help protect baby from possible allergies, irritations and respiratory problems.

If environmental pollution is a daily concern for everyone, it becomes a priority when it comes to protecting baby, before and after birth. When we talk about pollution, we always think of outside air. However, our interiors can also be impacted by polluted air, which can cause respiratory problems, allergies and other health concerns that we would gladly do without.

Fortunately,there are several ways to reduce this harmfulness to guarantee clean air and optimal health for baby.

Need a a helping hand? Here are 7 tips for providing a healthy bedroom for your little one.

Give preference to natural materials

If a baby is on the way, their room is probably being set up or already perfectly prepared. Of course, this is a central element in the life of an infant since it is in this room that he will spend long hours of sleep during his first months.

This is why the materials that make up the furniture in the baby's room must be chosen carefully! It is advisable to choose healthy and ecological paints for the bedroom. baby, as well as furniture made from natural materials.

Choose ecological wood and water-based paint, as proposed by complete scalable baby room Lit'bellule, 100% made in France from environmentally friendly, traceable and non-toxic materials.

Arrange the room in advance

Start arranging your baby's room as early as possible before birth. This way, VOCs and toxic products that come from new furniture and fresh paint will have several months to completely leave the room.

Bonus tip: if you can, open the furniture boxes at once. outside so that they release their harmful odors before being assembled and installed in the baby's cocoon.

But all this is not useful if you choose ecological baby furniture like the complete evolving baby room Lit'bellule!

Opt for an eco-labeled mattress and bed linen

To ensure baby's nights filled with sweet dreams and free from pollution, choosing an ecological mattress is essential, at the risk of exposing your child to the inhalation of volatile organic compounds during his sleep. Ideally, opt for an organic cotton mattress, eco-labelled and guaranteed without toxic substances, like the Rêves de Libellule mattresses.

On the other hand, a mattress of good quality is nothing without bed linen that matches it! Beware of harmful treatments which often permeate fitted sheets and other textiles. Here too, turn to a natural material fitted sheet, preferably certified by the Oeko-Tex label.

Opt for natural household products

So that baby can grow up in a healthy environment, parents do not skimp on cleaning.

There is no question of giving up on this good habit, however, household products are essential. major vectors of harmful chemical substances in our homes.

To avoid exposing your baby to them, be sure to use labeled ecological products or opt for natural solutions just as effective such as white vinegar!

Block dust mites

Carpets, comforters, throws and other fluffy companions are popular in baby's rooms, and for good reason, they are soft and comforting.

Unfortunately, these qualities have not escaped dust mites who love to stay there!

During your little one's first months, limit textile decorations to what is necessary to prevent him from having an allergic reaction to these invasive arachnids.

Ban smoking at home

The queen of indoor pollution is still and always cigarettes and its smoke filled with toxic products: formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons...

Even if you or your loved ones smoke in another room, cigarette smoke permeates your interior and harms the baby's breathing, in addition to your own.

The only effective solution to eliminate this indoor pollution factor is to take it outside!

Heating, insulation and ventilation: the keys to a healthy room

A poorly insulated and/or poorly ventilated space is a real Eldorado for mold!

To prevent these from developing in your baby's room and causing him breathing problems, plan to check your walls, windows and ventilation to check that everything is in order. order and presents no risk of cold or humidity.

Take the opportunity to take a look at your heating and check that it is working properly: a faulty heating can emit carbon monoxide

These few tips are accessible to all parents and easy to implement. They will allow you to offer your baby a healthy and serene environment, far from pollution, allergies and irritations!