Being a parent is a true blessing. The joy of seeing your child grow and gain independence over the years is a unique and moving experience. However, being a parent also means knowing how to make the right choices to guarantee the well-being of your little one. And this involves the selection of healthy and natural furniture from the first years of life.

Why choose an ecological and natural baby mattress?

After sleeping in the parental bedroom for several weeks, the toddler must learn to have his own space. Starting with his bed.

At first, it is advisable to place him there for naps. Then, as you go along, and depending on your observations, you can lay it there for the night.

In any case, choosing good bedding is essential to guarantee a good night's sleep. quality, real comfort and a healthy environment for your toddler.

At Rêves de Libellule, we offer 3 types of mattresses 70 cm x 140 cm:

BioCoton mattress

in natural organic cotton (100% natural fabric), anti-mite treatment (plant-based Green First treatment) and without toxic materials. Soft and quite firm, this mattress supports your child's weight while allowing them to fall asleep peacefully. As a bonus, it has a summer side and a winter side.

Bamboo Mattress

soft and quite firm. Specially designed for infants, the bamboo viscose fabric has naturally hypoallergenic and antiperspirant properties

BoRêve mattress

which offers constant and dynamic support to the child. A little less dense and thick than the other references, it is also the least expensive model.

In all cases, our mattresses are made in France and are certified by the Certipur and OEko-Tex labels. This means, in other words, that each natural baby mattress is designed without hazardous substances, both for the baby and for the environment.

How to ensure sleeping in complete serenity?

All parents fear sudden infant death syndrome or flat head syndrome. Rest assured: the first is relatively rare today (especially if you follow the advice of doctors) while the second can be easily prevented (and automatically resolves itself over time).

In any case, here are some tips for putting baby to sleep:

  • Lay your baby on his back without using any devices and support equipment to keep it in this position
  • Be sure to use only the items supplied by the manufacturer when assembling the bed;
  • Avoid overloading the bed toys and soft toys as long as your baby cannot move on his own. This is to avoid the risk of being buried or hampering your little one's breathing;
  • If you have installed a mobile above the bed, check that it is well fixed and high enough so that baby cannot reach it;
  • The bed must be adapted to the size of the child: the European standard imposes a spacing of 4.5 to 6.5 cm for the bars;
  • Place the bed away from any dangerous object (window and curtain, tablecloth, lamp, socket, etc.);
  • The mattress should be firm and of the right size for the bed (just like the fitted sheet, which should neither be too big nor too small);
  • Prefer the sleeping bag during the first years (the duvet can only be installed from 3 years old);
  • Check that the room temperature stays between 18° and 20° and always check that your child is neither too hot nor too cold (you can check this by touching the back of the neck).

The benefits of the scalable full chamber

In addition to offering you a mattress without toxic and natural products, our concept goes further by revolutionizing the world of baby furniture. As a mother, I quickly realized that many pieces of furniture sold commercially do not take ecology into account in their design. This has similar repercussions on the planet (depletion of raw materials) than on the child (furniture containing toxic materials).

It is based on this observation that I wanted to allow all parents to benefit from healthy products with careful finishes and irreproachable. The complete scalable baby room was born.

More than a non-toxic baby mattress and a bed made from ecological wood panels, I offer you a 100% modular room that can follow the child which grows up to 7 years for the bed and beyond for the rest!The bed is therefore raised and has a very practical storage space under the box spring which can accommodate numerous modules (including a table changing). Over time, this bed can be transformed into a desk for children and adolescents.

Which allows you to enjoy an ecological baby room while saving money in the long term.