the changing barbed

for the comfort and safety of your child throughout his first years, opt for a scalable barbed!

The baby bed is probably the most important purchase during a birth. parents are then confronted with a wide range of different beds for all budgets. some are scalable, and others have many protections. how to find a bed that is both secure and adaptable to child growth? Why choose a scalable bar bed? What are its advantages?

an evolving bed that includes children and their parents

dragonfly dream wooden bed will facilitate your daily life and guarantee the safety of you and your child. designed by a mother for her daughter, this evolutionary bed meets all the expectations of young parents, in search of safety and quality, for the purchase of this particular furniture: the bed of the future baby.

“Lit évolutif” means that this bed will accompany your child up to 7 years, meeting his needs, depending on his age.

baby, he'll sleep in ababy bed raised. his structure was thought to avoid the backache of the parents. This bed places the infant at the height of the adult, while ensuring its safety by its large and solid barriers. Thus, parents do not have to lower themselves to carry their child.

More information onthis surviving bed that avoids backache to parents

From its 18/24 months, the surviving baby bed will turn into a bed on the ground, allowing the child to go up alone in his bed, like a big one! When it gets 36 months, simply replace baby barriers with child barriers. with this change of simple and fast parts, the baby bed will leave room for a child’s bed.

While accompanying your child in the important stages of his life, this baby bed will be a true ally for you. containing many storage spaces, it will be transformed into office, wardrobe or cabin easily. With its practical structure avoiding backache and optimizing space, this scalable barbed is a response to most of your daily groceries of young parents.

a barbed not like others

The main advantage of the baby bar bed is the safety it brings to the daily: the infant does not risk falling or slipping to the ground. behind the barriers, the baby is protected from many external risks. Just like a classic barbed, the dream bed of dragonfly fulfills this mission, ensuring the safety of babies.

Also, like a real barbed, the dream bed of dragonfly allows to physically delimit your child's sleep. a the difference of upsori beds resting on an oral rule, so harder to learn for a baby, barrier beds sign the physical rule: the barriers tell children when to sleep. Once in the barbed, children can easily distinguish the sleep time from the awakening time.

only, one of the major drawbacks of ordinary bar beds is their size: they are bulky. This is why we often oppose the safety of barbeds to the practical aspect of scalable beds. the dream bed of dragonfly offers to combine the safety of a classic barbed and the ergonomics of a changing bed. This bed adapts to the age of your child, while ensuring its safety.

the barbed dream of dragonfly has a practical ergonomics. has the difference of classic baby beds, it allows to optimize space. transformable according to your desires, this “all-in-one” piece is designed to serve as storage space, cabin or even office space! With all the qualities of an ordinary scalable bed, the wooden bed dreams of dragonfly accompanies the child in its growth, and brings safety and serenity in the baby room.

a quality commitment

entirely made in france, these scalable beds are made in our six partner factories, committed to meeting French security standards. all steps in the production of the dragonfly dreamed barbed take place in france to support the local economy, and limit transport-related pollution. indeed, likebaby beds are 100% Frenchthe environmental footprint of the transport of goods is significantly reduced.

In order to provide an eco-responsible solution for young parents, Sophie-Hermine, a dream designer of dragonfly, has been obliged to make the baby bed evolutionary from quality materials.

harvested in sustainably managed forests, ecological wood that forms the panels of the changing bed is robust and sustainable.

baby room wood is totally natural, and has no toxic health product. Know that many natural wood furniture use formaldehyde, a carcinogenic molecule used in varnishes or adhesives. to ensure a safe and child-friendly final product, Sophie-Hermine has had to eradicate this substance. For this, dragonfly dream replaces formaldehyde coating with a non-toxic water paint finish.

and sothis baby bed combined and scalablesafe, ergonomic and ecological was that of your future child?