Since the baby arrived, business has been piling up. Between the gifts of relatives, toys, linen and baby equipment of all kinds, it is often difficult to find your way around. So, how to store baby’s things? We give you our best advice.

Store baby clothes

Putting away baby's laundry means differentiating bodysuits from T-shirts at a glance. And since baby's laundry is very small, it's better to be organized.

Baby's dresser

To properly organize your baby's dresser:

  1. place everyday clothes in the top drawers, making sure to add socks, hats and other items of clothing that are very useful in everyday life.
  2. in the bottom drawers, place party clothes or other clothes that baby wears less often.


On baby's dresser, stick stickers on each drawer! This way, you indicate what each drawer contains and what's more, you decorate the baby's room. Today, we find labels of all kinds on the market, from the most fanciful to the most traditional. Baby's dresser will be tidy and personalized!

Roll clothes

To optimize space in dresser drawers, you can also roll baby clothes. This folding method, popularized by Marie Kondo, will save you time and space. You also avoid creasing baby's laundry.

Drawer separator

Drawer separators prevent you from mixing bodysuits and pajamas in baby's dresser. It must be said that baby clothes are so small that we quickly get confused. With drawer dividers, no more confusion. You can choose to create your own drawer dividers. A few pieces of cardboard will be enough to make your life easier.

Also, remember to classify baby clothes according to their usefulness. Keep only the season's clothes on hand. In winter, summer clothes can be kept in a closet or suitcase. Baby clothes that don't yet fit or those from special occasions can also be stored in a place provided for this purpose.

Think during the week

For baby's clothes, don't hesitate to plan his outfit for the week. This saves you time and efficiency.

In the baby's wardrobe, prepare complete outfits on the hangers. For example, on Sunday, plan six hangers, each with the outfit for a day of the week. In the morning, all you have to do is open the wardrobe to find out what baby's outfit is.

Sort by age

The difficulty with baby clothes is that they grow so quickly that you quickly have to buy a little piece of clothing. bigger so he can wear it soon. To save time and efficiency, classify baby's clothes by age!

Like in a clothing store, you can sort baby's wardrobe by age with labels that you insert between the different clothes. This way, you will easily find yourself between the clothes that fit him today and those that will suit him tomorrow.

Get rid of clothes that are too small

Once a bodysuit or other baby outfit is too small, we often want to keep it, telling ourselves that it can be used , or by presaging a future child. Either way, whether you keep this bodysuit or not, there is no need to leave it within easy reach. If you plan to keep it for other children to come, store it in a storage box for better daily organization. Otherwise, you can donate or sell your baby's outgrown laundry. Second-hand baby clothes will surely delight some people, while freeing up space in the baby's room.

Store baby toys and soft toys

If baby's many soft toys and toys allow him to grow up in a peaceful and pleasant environment, they often take up a lot of space in the baby's room...

To avoid being invaded, the The best solution remains the traditional toy box. Made of wood or plastic, with wheels if possible, the toy box will optimize space by sliding easily onto the baby's bed. Remember to use your ceiling and your door! Fabric storage that hangs on doors or a hammock can be diverted and used as lint guards to optimize space. However, these fabric storage spaces should be reserved for light stuffed animals, to prevent heavy objects from falling on baby.

Tidy up baby's bathroom

Baby bathing is often a whole story.

You need to prepare the bathtub, the soap, the towel, a change of clothes, the diaper, the wipes, etc. The baby toiletry bag is also well stocked with nail clippers, cotton swabs, brush and special baby perfume. Suffice it to say that all this equipment takes up space.

To find your way around, reserve part of a bathroom shelf for baby's things. Plan a toiletry bag with everything you need that you can take with you whenever you want.

Besides this, arrange the different objects in order of use from right to left (or vice versa according to your preferences ).

For example, you will place the shower gel, then the brush, and then the perfume! To store baby's toys, you can opt for a simple plastic box, which is water-resistant and will be reserved for this purpose. Finally, be careful to put all household products and sharp objects (nail clippers, razor, nail file, etc.) out of reach.