Ideally, you should think about your baby's room several months before birth. This allows you to learn about choosing the right furnishings (including a bed suitable for your little one).

Being parents ourselves, we know your requirements well. and expectations at this level. Thus, we invite you to discover all our advice to be sure to create a cozy little nest for your little one.

Ecological baby room made in France

In order to avoid you having to buy all your furniture after a few years, we have chosen to create an evolving room that accompanies your child from birth to 7 years old (and more if necessary).

Good to know: our evolving baby room has been designed taking into account French standards in terms of ecology and safety.

This means, in other words, that no piece of furniture is dangerous for your toddler and that they all comply with the NF standard (EN 716-1 and NF EN 716-2 ). For this, we have chosen to favor 100% natural products made from high quality ecological wood (MDF panel without formaldehyde). In addition, we have taken care to offer you antistatic products (in order to avoid any risk) with finishes using water-based paint.

Thus, you have understood: by opting for our ecological baby room, you are sure that your cherub cannot come into contact with elements dangerous to his health.

Why is it important to favor an ecological room for babies? Because toddlers have developing immune systems and developing organs. This means that the risk is greater of developing respiratory pathologies if they breathe toxic substances from an early age (asthma, allergy, lung problem, etc.). Problem: many manufacturers continue to offer children's rooms and furniture without taking this fact into account.
As a result, by favoring an ecological baby room, you avoid this type of inconvenience which can impact your child throughout his or her life. life.

10 years warranty

10-year warranty on the purchase of the complete Lit’bellule baby room

If we speak of high quality baby rooms, it is because we know the resistance of our products. Indeed, we attach great importance to ensuring that our production processes meet precise specifications. This allows us to offer you bedrooms that will follow your children during the first years of their lives.

When parents ask us about the durability of our products, we tell them that they can easily accompany their toddler up to at least 7 years old.

Indeed, the bed converts according to your needs and can accommodate, according to your wishes and those of your child, a desk and storage or even a bedside table.

In addition, to be sure to accompany you for all these years, we offer a 10-year guarantee on our evolving room.

What does this actually mean? Although our furniture is subject to strict quality controls and precisely meets the standards in force, an accident can happen. In this case, thanks to our 10-year guarantee, you can contact us to tell us about your problem.

Depending on the situation, we can replace the bed base and the hardware.

Please note: we are committed to following all our customers by our own means avoiding subcontracting this important part to a company exterior. As a result, you are dealing with only one contact who knows what he is talking about and who does his best to meet your expectations.

Because we have a backup stock in our factory, we are able to replace a defective part quickly if necessary.

Our storage to accompany the baby room

Discover our scalable baby room and don't wait any longer to have it delivered !

Baby room delivery for all ages all over the world

Do you want to offer the best to your toddler? In this case, before placing an order, take a look at our delivery process.

2 possibilities are available to you:
- Delivery without assembly;
- Delivery with assembly.

In both cases, it will be necessary to make an appointment to be sure to receive undamaged and flawless parts.

Please note: delivery times are between 10 and 60 days depending on the payment method chosen.

Regardless of your location in France metropolitan area, it is possible to have your upgradeable room delivered to you as soon as possible.

Be careful when receiving the item to carefully examine the condition of the goods with the delivery person, taking the time to < b>observe both the exterior and the content itself. And if the delivery person refuses (this can happen), it must be indicated on the receipt slip. If you notice any damage to our products after opening the package, do not hesitate to send a registered letter to the carrier as soon as possible.